Facebook now warns if a friend is becoming an “extremist”. Facebook’s latest measure against extremism surprises users. Detect and report extremist content. In one of the most controversial decisions of the last year, Facebook has implemented a new functionality that indicates to the user that they could have consumed contentContinue Reading

Episode #319: Brandon Zick, Ceres Companions, “The Market Is $3 Trillion And Institutional Traders Personal About 3% Of That”           Visitor: Brandon Zick joined Ceres Companions in 2010.  He’s chargeable for managing all investments at Ceres, together with farmland and personal fairness methods. On this positionContinue Reading

Episode #318: Perth Tolle, Life + Liberty Indexes, “If I Was In Hong Kong Proper Now, I Would Be Arrested, Positively, For Doing This”             Visitor: Perth Tolle is the founding father of Life + Liberty Indexes. Previous to forming Life + Liberty Indexes, PerthContinue Reading

The newly released market research study on Global Endoscopy Video Processors Market Growth 2021-2026 highlights several significant standpoints related to the market encompassing competitive landscape, segmentation analysis, and industry environment. The report details key statistics on the market position of the manufacturers is a proven valuable trajectory of guidelines andContinue Reading

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