Spanish Cities Where It Takes Less Time To Sell A Home

In February 2020, 36% of homes were sold in less than a month. In April 2021, a third of all offers were closed in one month. Of the rest of the sales in April, 28% was between a quarter and a year.

How long is a home for sale before getting new owners? Has the pandemic changed the deadlines? That the health crisis has modulated consumption in all its facets is evident, also in the real estate sector. In fact, with respect to before the outbreak of covid-19, there has been a slight rebound in the time that properties are for sale, although in the capitals sales have grown in less than 30 days.

A third of the homes for sale that were deregistered from Idealista during the month of April had been on the market for less than a month, according to a study published by the real estate agency. Even so, that percentage is lower than that recorded before the pandemic (February 2020), when 36% were sold in less than a month.

Of the rest of the homes that were sold in April of the current year , 21% were on the market between one and three months , 28% were on the market between a quarter and a year, and the remaining 18% were announced for more than a year before finding a buyer.

Sales grow in less than a month in most capitals
The national drop contrasts with the temporary records of most Spanish capitals, where the percentage of homes that are sold in less than 30 has grown, according to the study.

Girona signs the largest increase: there, sales in less than a month have gone from representing 17% in February 2020 to 40% today. They are followed by León (from 17% to 33%) and Huelva (from 22% to 35%). With differences of more than 10 percentage points are Córdoba (from 16% to 28%), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (from 22% to 33%) and Lugo (from 7% to 17%).

There is no general trend among large cities. In Valladolid it has grown (from 22% to 28%), as have Palma (from 28% to 32%), Bilbao (from 34% to 36%) and Malaga (from 38% to 40%). On the contrary, in Madrid the percentage of homes sold in a month has dropped (from 53% to 43%). The trend has also been downward in Zaragoza (from 45% to 36%), Valencia (from 47% to 39%), Seville (from 40% to 34%) and Barcelona (from 53% to 50%).

The greatest reduction in the weight of quick sales has been recorded in Segovia , where they have gone from accounting for 43% of the total to 22% in April. They are followed by Vitoria (which goes from 49% to 37%) and Cáceres (from 31% to 20%).

More and less dynamic areas to sell
The Idealista study places Cuenca as the city in which the weight of homes sold in less than 30 days is higher, with 77% of the total. Behind, Granada (67%), Barcelona (50%), Huesca (48%), Madrid (43%), Malaga (40%), Girona (40%) and Valencia (39%). Above the national average (33%) are Vitoria (37%), Salamanca (36%), Bilbao (36%), Zaragoza (36%), Huelva (35%), Pamplona (35%) and Seville ( 3. 4%).

In the northwest are the three capitals where the fewest homes were sold in less than a month: Zamora (13%), Ourense (16%) and Lugo (17%). Palencia (17%), Ávila (18%) and Badajoz (19%) complete the ranking of cities with less than 20% of quick sales.

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