UEFA Ends With The Double Value Of Goals In Opposite Field

The goal scored away from home in a round-trip tie will no longer have an additional value as it has had since the rule of awarding goals scored by a home team was issued in 1965. The abolition of the rule will take effect from the 2021-22 season in all men’s, women’s and youth qualifying competitions.

The visiting team that loses 2-1 in the opposite half will not have enough to win at home 1-0, as has happened until now. Another example: when Barça lost 4-0 to Paris Saint Germain , they had to win 6-1 to eliminate them because the 5-1, by virtue of the regulations, thanks to the goal scored by PSG at the Camp Nou, it was insufficient to pass.

That experience of the 2016-17 Champions League was repeated in the following campaign: Barça beat Roma 4-1 at home but were eliminated after losing 3-0 in Italy.

The equality of the result will be decided in an extension and / or penalties. This criterion will also be applied in qualifying rounds to break point ties between two teams; In other words, the goals scored by each one away from home in their direct confrontations will not be taken into account.

“The rule went against their initial objective, as it deters home teams from attacking, in the first leg, as they fear a goal that would give rivals a crucial advantage.”

UEFA has decided to abolish this rule that, in its day, was intended to prevent teams from showing an exaggerated defensive attitude to avoid goals.

Now “it was going against its initial objective, as it deters home teams from attacking, especially in the first leg matches, as they fear conceding a goal that would give opponents a crucial advantage,” explained Aleksander Ceferin , the president. from UEFA. There was also an “added injustice,” said the leader, “in overtime, which forced the home team to score two goals if the visitor scored one.”

Less differences
UEFA argued in its decision that the statistics of the results tended towards greater equality in football as a result of the higher quality of the playing fields, the improvement of infrastructures and travel conditions and the increasing precision of the aid of technology for referees.

In recent years, the difference between home and away victories has narrowed: from 61-19% it has gone to 47-30% today. Also the goals scored at home and away: from an average of 2.02-0.95 to 1.58-1.15.

“Although there has been no unanimity of opinion, many coaches, fans and other football stakeholders have questioned its fairness and expressed their preference for the abolition of the rule,” Ceferin acknowledged.

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