For almost a decade that door has been closed for Spain, a team that has passed through the underworld of the great tournaments, looked reluctantly by others, unable as it was to defend with dignity the crown that was girded in the Eurocup 2012. Since then, nothing. It is theContinue Reading

“It doesn’t surprise me at all because we already expected it.” Clemente Fernández, the leader of Abengoashares, considers that the decision of Abengoa’s insolvency administrator to request the suspension of the powers of the current Abengoa board of directors and its subsidiaries, which would include Abenewco 1, the business andContinue Reading

He is going to win the Moto3 street title. He is not only the best rookie in history, no, he is the best driver of all time at the start of his sports career. The Murcian Pedro Acosta (KTM) , also called the ‘Mazarrón shark’, has returned to star inContinue Reading