“It doesn’t surprise me at all because we already expected it.” Clemente Fernández, the leader of Abengoashares, considers that the decision of Abengoa’s insolvency administrator to request the suspension of the powers of the current Abengoa board of directors and its subsidiaries, which would include Abenewco 1, the business andContinue Reading

Burdened with debts, without money or any possibility of paying transfers for a squad in need of reinforcements, Joan Laporta will appear today at the assembly of delegates with a double paradox: with a new player and defending the economic destruction that Josep Bartomeu left him when he he marchedContinue Reading

The listed price of shares has an average value per day Share price from verified sources. All share transactions are carried out on the stock markets. 1 share of HEXO Corp. falls by 0.23 USD. HEXO Corp.’s stock price dropped. For 1 stock of HEXO Corp. you now need toContinue Reading