May 21, 2022

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Xi Warns At Communist Party Centenary That China Will Not Be Intimidated

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Xi warns at Communist Party centenary that China will not be intimidated. Xi counters US efforts against the Asian giant.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping marked the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party (CCP) by extolling patriotism and standing up to foreign coercion, in a veiled message to US-led efforts to pressure the Asian giant.

The Chinese people “will never allow any foreign force to intimidate, oppress or enslave us,” the president said from the top of the Gate of Heavenly Peace. “Anyone who tries will be beaten and bloodied by colliding with a great steel wall forged by more than 1.4 billion Chinese with flesh and blood,” he added to cheers and applause.

For more than an hour, the Chinese president spoke about the history and future of the Communist Party in a speech delivered in Beijing’s iconic Tiananmen Square in which, unsurprisingly, he ignored its dark episodes.

Celebrations for the Chinese Communist Party’s centennial help Xi showcase his achievements as China’s economic recovery cools and strained relations with other powers cloud the country’s international image.

The authorities have also used the grandiose festivities to underscore the influence of Xi, who is preparing for a party congress to be held next year and in which he is expected to claim a third term as party head.

In his speech, Xi offered little new policies and mainly reaffirmed his priorities, such as fighting corruption, strengthening the military and seeking unification with Taiwan. He also assured that China wants to contribute peacefully and positively to world order, countering criticism of what Western governments have called Beijing’s abrasive diplomacy.

Xi also spoke of ensuring that “Hong Kong people rule Hong Kong,” but the national security law imposed by Beijing a year ago and the reform of the electoral system of the former British colony have practically excluded the pro-democracy opposition from the political debate.

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