Cowboys have agreed to a five year $105 million deal with $65 million guaranteed with DeMarcus Lawrence

DeMarcus Lawrence Agrees To Monster Extension With Cowboys

If the Dallas Cowboys were going to have a successful off-season, they needed one thing to happen, they needed to sign DeMarcus Lawrence to a long-term deal. It had been a slow start, but the Cowboys have turned things on in the last week, culminating with the announcement that team and Lawrence agreed to a five year deal, worth $105 million, which also includes $65 million in guaranteed money.

And just like that, the Cowboys’ off-season just went from good to great. Re-upping with their best defensive player makes this off-season a grand slam!

The deal makes Lawrence a very rich man and the annual salary of $21 million was more than he was scheduled to make under the franchise tag. The biggest numbers, however appear to 31 and 65, as in the number of millions Lawrence will make in the first year of the deal and the guaranteed cash. Both surpass Khalil Mack’s contract with the Bears signed last year.

Jerry and Stephen Jones got this deal right. The Cowboys will likely (haven’t seen structure yet) payout a hefty amount in the first few years when they will have the cap room to absorb the contract and they keep Tank in the fold for five more years. Lawrence will be 31-years old when the deal runs out, keeping him from hamstringing the team when he is at the end of his prime. A shorter deal at a reasonable annual price is a steal for the Cowboys.

Now the question becomes when will Lawrence get shoulder surgery? This deal comes just in time if the Cowboys want to have Lawrence healthy for the 2019 season. Expect that announcement soon.

The Cowboys came through on their biggest off-season priority and the team will be better with Lawrence back for five more years.

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