Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey Knee Injury - Meniscus Tear

NFL Network is reporting DB Jalen Ramsey had a "small" meniscus tear in his right knee. In other words for the second year in a row the Jaguars first round pick suffers a non-contact knee injury in mini camp. Ouch.

Last years Jags first round pick (third overall) Dante Fowler Jr. blew out his knee in the teams first rookie practice. The team reportedly scaled back intensity for the event this year in response. This years Jags first round pick (fifth overall) made it to the second phase of camp before he blew out his wheel. Not exactly the scale of improvement the team's staff was hoping for.

Last year the Jags front office extended Fowler a contract offer commensurate with his selection ignoring the injury. It was a class move as Dante was attending camp without a contract in a show of good faith. Jalen Ramsey now finds himself in the same boat. It will be interesting to see if the club follows it's own lead. I feel they will. Injuries aside the Jags front office has been doing things right for a few years now.

Supposedly Ramsey will receive a second opinion on the knee next week. It is hoped this will confirm the "minor" aspect of the tear allowing Ramsey to possibly be ready for training camp.

Injuries are a harsh reality of the NFL. Still it's a head slap for Jalen Ramsey and no less for Jaguars Nation as the fans have to feel as snake bit as the players. Remember when the unluckiest position in sports was to be a #1 pick of the Cleveland Browns? You were going down.

Currently it seems the curse has moved south to Florida. Teams that passed on Ramsey in this years NFL Draft have to wonder ... could it have been them?

What say you Sports Nation?

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  1. I read that he also had microfracture surgery on that same right knee a while back. Maybe, just maybe that’s why Dallas went with Zeke when both were available at 4. If so, they made up for it by picking Smith in the next round. Regardless, here’s hoping Ramsey is ok and has a plentiful career as with that other Jaylon.

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