The announcement of the percentage increase comes two days after an accident at an Iranian nuclear plant , for which Tehran holds Israel responsible. The nuclear pact signed in 2015 between Iran, the United States and the European Union stipulated a maximum of 3.6% enrichment of uranium. Iran’s supreme guide,Continue Reading

The United States will withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan in the coming months until completing its military exit from the country on September 11, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks against the Twin Towers. This has been assured sources familiar with the plans to ‘The WashingtonContinue Reading

In antebellum language, Moscow warns US ships in the Black Sea from approaching Russian shores because “it is better for them.” In full verbal escalation, Biden proposes to Putin the celebration of a bilateral summit in “a third country” in the “next months”. The NATO secretary general warns Moscow thatContinue Reading

Austrian Health Minister resigns, “exhausted” by the management of the pandemic. Rudolf Anschober, 60, has been hospitalized twice in a short time for exhaustion. The Minister of Health of Austria, Rudolf Anschober , announced Tuesday his resignation for health reasons after being hospitalized twice recently for circulatory problems linked toContinue Reading