Using Harmonic Pattern Plus and X3 Chart Pattern Scanner Together – Trading Systems – 11 June 2021

Harmonic Sample Plus and X3 Chart Sample Scanner are the nice harmonic sample detection indicator. Some dealer requested me if they will use Harmonic Sample Plus and X3 Chart Sample Scanner collectively.

The brief reply is sure. It’s potential to mix them. Despite the fact that each indicators detect harmonic patterns, they’re utilizing utterly completely different sample detection algorithm. Harmonic sample Plus makes use of the basic sample detection algorithm whereas X3 Chart Sample Scanner makes use of non repainting sample detection algorithm (i.e. newest sample detection expertise).

There will be some overlapping within the detected patterns. Nonetheless, many patterns will be detected in numerous timing. If each indicator detect the identical patterns, then the patterns are sometimes extra correct. On the similar time, with non overlapping patterns, you’ve gotten much less likelihood to overlook out the nice alerts.

If you wish to use the channel perform along with Harmonic Sample, then use the channel perform in X3 Chart Sample Scanner as a result of it’s extra superior model.

After all, the identical logic applies to Harmonic Sample Situation planner.

Hyperlink to Harmonic Sample Plus

Hyperlink to X3 Chart Sample Scanner

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