May 21, 2022

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Spain Chains Another Sad And Frustrating Draw

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Another tie. And from tie to tie until… It is not even known where because it is unknown what will become of this disconcerting Spain, incapable of winning a game. Two meetings, two points and thank you. Not when he dominates it as it happened against Sweden. Nor when they get ahead against Poland because they do not know how to manage the advantage of the scoreboard even when they have a penalty in favor.

A Luis Enrique, who opted for the same from the debut (entered Gerard Moreno Ferran Torres) and almost made the same changes in the debut, will discuss everything, especially his intervention to resolve a party that was complicated, especially after the penalty missed by Gerard and then badly finished off by Morata.

The debate is no longer on the nine and, in addition, neither of the two ended on the Sevillian night because they were replaced by Luis Enrique. Nor around the goalkeeper.

The main issue is that Spain does not establish the hierarchy demanded by a tournament as demanding as the Eurocup, so on Wednesday its duel against Slovakia, here in La Cartuja in Seville, is guessed as a definitive test for an irregular team that always suffers. No matter the rival. The real problem is Spain, a young team, tender and exposed to the gale that lies ahead these days.

And that started well with a goal, which was signed by Morata . And the VAR, which for once, and without serving as a precedent with the Juventus forward, gave him the technological reason when he needed it most.

Although the goal also belongs to Gerard Moreno, a nine converted into a tenant on the right wing, but he started with cunning and creativity from the outside in. It was a liberating goal for a team that saw that Poland was not Sweden, at least from the start of the game.

Morata and ten more
Although if you are looking for the true mastermind of the goal, he was not on the field. They would do well to look at that skinny fellow, in summery beige pants and a green polo shirt, who was comfortably taking a seat in a blue refrigerator, just as if he were taking the cool of any street in the country.

He only needed the neighbors to chat about life. And, of course, football. When the VAR determined that Morata was not offside after the dangerous action of Gerard Moreno, the prologue of the goal, it was discovered, in case there was any doubt, who he really belonged to.

Once the suspense and anguish that was experienced in those seconds where the television screens were looked to verify the legality of the goal, Morata forgot what was happening on the grass. His companions were hugging happily, still in the Polish countryside.

But he didn’t look up at them. He started running towards the man who lived next to that refrigerator. Then, the owner of the goal appeared. It was Luis Enrique, the author of the phrase of “Morata and 10 more ”. The forward hugged him as if he were his sports father. Actually, it is.

At least in this European Championship. Spain celebrated that goal euphoric, while the Juve player did not want to detach from the Asturian coach. Then, in an act of generosity, he went to the bench to share that moment in which Gerard Moreno’s previous shot culminated for the tranquility of a country where a mistake with the national team haunts you forever and ever. Ask Cardeñosa! Or Julio Salinas!

Suddenly, Spain calmed down, despite the fact that Poland did not have the ultra-defensive spirit that Sweden had exhibited, poking into Unai Simón’s area with poison and that Jordi Alba, with a couple of excellent defensive corrections, cleaned up that danger.

But the Polish chances were clear. None as much as the one lived at the edge of rest. Swiderski’s shot, adjusted from outside the area, hit the right post of the Spanish goal. And the rebound came Lewandowski , a nine with so much profession, whose shot was not expected to be magnificently cleared by Unai Simón. In a single play, ‘La Roja’ had the alliance, as happened with Sweden, of wood and the imposing body of the Athletic goalkeeper to end with a partial victory. Two clubs in two games.

Best part one
Despite winning, he played better in the first half with Sweden. The marker, however, indicated the opposite. And Luis Enrique, faithful as he is always to his convictions, only introduced a change in the starting eleven: he joined Gerard Moreno with Marcos Llorente, winger, midfielder, interior, winger, on the right flank of the attack.

Starting with Gerard, an undetectable player, the national team grew in attack, without leaving, of course, suffering behind. There is a disconcerting soul in the group of Luis Enrique, who while Morata shared the goal with the full bench, chatted heatedly with Alba so that the game did not get out of control. He did not get out of control anymore because he did not have, curiously, the government of the game that he did accredit in the first 45 minutes with Sweden.

And is that Poland, from the beginning, pushed much more having a more courageous attitude causing the ball to fall, sometimes, more on the feet of Unai Simón than on those of Rodri, the central midfielder. And in a lateral action, the Polish team found the head of Lewandowski, a forward who knows that territory as if it were his home, and the tender defensive attitude of Laporte to sign the tie, anticipating a few volcanic minutes with a penalty to Gerard Moreno for a clear stomp from Moder.

Penalty that Orsato, the Italian referee, did not see, but VAR did. Penalty that went to the right post of Szczesny, with the rebound giving Morata another chance, but he sent the ball over the crossbar. Dramatic play for Spain, especially on the emotional plane, which collapsed.

Then, in the changes, Luis Enrique unsuccessfully tried to shake up Spain since he removed Gerard Moreno, the most dangerous, and also dispensed with Koke. He placed Sarabia and Ferran Torres, changing both bands and maintaining, despite everything, Morata in the axis of the attack. He removed the Juventus striker at the end, crashed as he was in his ineffectiveness.

All the players summoned by Spain to a final phase of the Eurocup
But the selection had not overcome that double error, after the 1-1 of Poland. She was stunned and even disoriented because she lost the thread of the game. Between Lewandowski’s goal and the lack of success, Spain was consuming, leaving Luis Enrique on the brink of endless debates, all presided over by an unanswered question. Why did you remove Gerard Moreno?

MATCH SHEET Spain: Unai Simón (6), Marcos Llorente (6), Laporte (4), Pau Torres (5), Jordi Alba (5), Koke (5), Rodri (4), Pedri (4), Gerard Moreno (6), Morata (5) and Dani Olmo (4).

Coach : Luis Enrique (4)

Changes : Ferran Torres (4) for Dani Olmo (m. 61); Fabián Ruiz (5) by Gerard Moreno (m. 68); Sarabia (5) by Koke (d. 68); Oyárzabal (sc) for Morata (m. 87).

Poland : Szczesny (6), Bereszynski (5), Glik (6), Bednarek (5), Moder (5), Klich (4), Jozwiak (6), Puchaz (5), Swiderski (5), Zielinski (4 ) and Lewandowski (6).

Coach : Paulo Sousa (5)

Changes : Kozlowski (5) for Klich (d. 55); Frankowski (4) by Swiderski (d. 68); Dawidowicz (sc) by Bednarek (m. 85); Linetty (sc) by Moder (m. 85)

Goals : 1-0 Morata (m. 25); 1-1, Lewandowski (m. 54)

Referee : Daniele Orsato (), Italian.

Yellow cards: Moder (m. 58); Jozwiak (m. 59), Pau Torres (m. 81); Lewandowski (m. 90 +3); Rodri (m. 90 +4)

Stadium : La Cartuja

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