May 21, 2022

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New Pedro Acosta Exhibition In Germany

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He is going to win the Moto3 street title. He is not only the best rookie in history, no, he is the best driver of all time at the start of his sports career. The Murcian Pedro Acosta (KTM) , also called the ‘Mazarrón shark’, has returned to star in an impressive race in the German Grand Prix after three rare grand prix, in which he has learned that this is very hard, concluding two times in eighth position (France and Italy) and a seventh place in Barcelona.

Today, at the beautiful Sachsenring circuit, Acosta has won, again, on the last lap and increases his distance in the Drivers’ World Championship ahead of Sergio García (Gas-Gas) , who he leads by 55 points (more than two wins).

Acosta, who started at the age of 16 with a second place in Qatar in the first race of his life in the Moto3 World Championship, won in Doha, Portugal and Jerez. Then he had three rare races, in which he was always ahead, but could not finish on the podium and today, starting, again, from far behind (13th, fifth row), he has come back to the top, to be the leader, in the first four laps of a race scheduled at 27.

Family dedication
The grand prize had many incidents in which the young man from Mazarrón was never involved, who returned to run with enormous intelligence. In the end, Sergio García off the hook due to a push from the young Jeremy Alcoba, Acosta played a new one-on-one with the Italian Dennis Foggia (Honda) and won him again almost over the finish line

“It has been a very tough race, many, because 27 laps here are very difficult,” said Acosta before the Dorna TV microphone. “It was, without a doubt, the toughest victory of this year and therefore the best. We have regained our confidence after three great prizes off the podium and we celebrated seeing the whole team happy, especially Aki Ajo, head of my team, and my friend and coach Paco Mármol, to whom I always dedicate my triumphs . Well, everyone, everyone, including my family, who doesn’t stop helping me ”.

“The truth is that between Paco and Jack Miller, with whom I have been training lately, I have learned a lot, a lot, especially with Jack to know when to brake, it was a fault of mine, which it seems we have overcome. I could not allow myself the luxury of being beaten again in the last lap, “Acosta acknowledged.

Moto3 World Championship: 1. Pedro ACOSTA (Spain), 145 points ; 2. Sergio GARCÍA (Spain), 90; 3. Jaume MASIA (Spain), 72; 4. Niccoló ANTONELLI (Italy), 65 and 5. Romano FENATI (Italy), 64.

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