October 19, 2021

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Austrian Health Minister Resigns Exhausted By The Management Of Pandemic

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Austrian Health Minister resigns, “exhausted” by the management of the pandemic. Rudolf Anschober, 60, has been hospitalized twice in a short time for exhaustion.

The Minister of Health of Austria, Rudolf Anschober , announced Tuesday his resignation for health reasons after being hospitalized twice recently for circulatory problems linked to exhaustion and stress that has caused the management of the pandemic.

“I have realized that I have to put the emergency brake for myself,” said the green politician during the press conference in which he made the announcement, alluding to the term by which exceptional measures are usually known to cope with the covid pandemic.

Anschober, 60, has held the Health portfolio since the start of the coalition government between Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s Austrian People’s Party (OeVP) and Los Verdes in January 2020. During this time, he has managed to be one of Austria’s most popular politicians , even beating Kurz in polls.

Threats of death
“One of my strengths is that I remain calm in crisis situations,” he once explained. However, it has also received criticism for the management of the pandemic , in recent months due to problems related to the vaccination campaign and communication failures. To this has been added a “massive increase in aggressiveness” in part of the population, with “death threats” against him and those close to him.

The doctor Wolfgang Mückstein, 44, will assume the Health portfolio from next Monday. In his first statements, he called on all citizens to get vaccinated to end the pandemic.

Currently, Vienna and other eastern regions of the country are confined until May 1 due to the collapse of hospitals. According to Anschober, more than a third of Austrians do not take the test and the same proportion say they are not willing to be vaccinated.

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