October 19, 2021

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A Recital By Anni Espar Leads Mataró To LEN Trophy Final

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The Mataro Goufone will play the final of the Trophy LEN women ‘s water polo for the second time in their history after defeating (9-6) to the SIS Roma in the pool Sant Jordi in Barcelona with a memorable performance of Anni Espar . Their rival this Sunday (2pm) will be Kirishi’s Russian team , which thwarted the Catalan final by beating CN Sabadell in the other semi-final (18-12).

Anni Espar was the leader of Mataró, scoring 6 of the 9 goals for her team in a match in which her experience was key to defeating an opponent who was always in tow. As important as Espar’s performance was Bach’s great defense on the Italian buoy Galardi , one of the most decisive players in the Roman team.

The people from Mataró were looking for Espar in most of their attacks and this did not fail them to put the 3-1 two minutes before the break. The Italians crashed into the rival defense in their attacks with one more players until Picozzi let go of his arm to make it 3-2 at the break.

Defense work
The SIS Roma tied the game with a goal from Di Claudio (3-3) before the occurrence of one of the key moments of the encounter with Anni Espar again protagonist, this time in defense.

The attacker from Mataró prevented SIS Roma from getting ahead on the scoreboard with a defensive action and later Alejandra Aznar made it 4-3. Two new goals from Espar put Mataró at their maximum advantage (6-3, min. 21) and the final closer and closer.

Storai encouraged the last quarter with the 6-4, but Mataró gritted his teeth in his tight zonal defense, and two goals in less than a minute from Espar and Alba Bonamusa left the match sentenced with 8-4 three minutes from time .

Mataró Goufone: Sánchez, Jackovich (-), Gual (-), Severich (-), Cambray (-), Bach (-), Anni Espar (6, 1p) -starting team-, Lloret (1), Alba Bonamusa ( 1), Nogué (-), Aznar (1) and Bertrán (-).

Reverse of the Sabadell
The Russian Kirishi , for his part, closed the door by forcefully winning Astralpool Sabadell (12-18), who will have to settle for fighting for third position against SIS Roma . The Russians touched perfection in a semifinal in which the Sabadellians always went against the tide after being 1-4 when five minutes had not yet elapsed into the game.

The great defense on the buoy Maica García, who scored her first goal in the fourth quarter, and the speed of the Russian game deactivated the Sabadellenses in a clash where Martje Keuning (6 goals) and Judith Forca (4 goals) carried all the weight of the team in attack.

Astralpool Sabadell : Ester, Mati Ortiz (-), Van der Sloot (-), García (2), Forca (4, 1p), Keuning (6, 1p), González (-) -starting team-, Ariño (-) , Morell (-), Pérez (-), Cordobés (-) and Tankeeva (-).

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