January 19, 2022

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Josep Mussons Former Barça Director At Time Of Núñez Dies

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One Of The ‘Parents’ Of The Masia Josep Mussons, former Barça director at the time of Núñez, dies. He served as vice president responsible for the club’s grassroots football for 22 years.

The Barça players will wear a black armband in the Cup final to honor the memory of the leader.

Barcelona have announced the death of Josep Mussons, former Barcelona manager at the time of Josep Lluís Núñez as president (1978-2000). The leader is considered by the club as “one of the fathers of La Masia” , the residence for young footballers that was launched, next to the Camp Nou, at the beginning of that term. The Barça players will wear a black armband in the Cup final against Athletic to pay tribute to the former vice president.

Mussons was almost always responsible for grassroots football. He was on the board for the 22 years that Núñez presided over Barça, although in his first season he assumed the position of treasurer and vice president of the sections. But from 1979 he was in charge of guarding the Barça youth squad since on October 20 of that year La Masia was opened as the home of the future talents of the club.

Mussons has passed away with 95 years. After leaving the board of Núñez, he was named honorary president of grassroots football, where, coinciding with his arrival in 1978, talents such as Amor , Fradera , Pedraza or Vinyals began to appear in the first promotion. And then, among others, Guardiola , Tito Vilanova , Roura and Altimira . And later Andrés Iniesta also appeared .

Mussons gives a speech at the Mini Estadi before Alexanko.
In those 22 years he served as Barça’s third vice-president, promoting first, as the club recalls, the sections, accepting advertising on shirts and causing a much more modern and professional management.

Later, he assumed the La Masia project, transformed into the most recognized youth soccer school in the world, although he also participated in the restructuring of the sections, exercising for a brief period until the role of manager of the club, coinciding precisely with the negotiation of the first contract with Nike.

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