October 24, 2021

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40 Ceuta Migrants Returned Back During Pandemic

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The tranquility returns little by little to the city of Ceuta, where the presence of the migrants who arrived last Monday and Tuesday has been greatly reduced. [All the images of the Ceuta border crisis: the photos of José Luis Roca]

The effects of the agreement with Morocco for a partial opening of the border and returning 40 to 40 people are palpable. The Army and Security Forces supervise the trickle of returns, and only the most persistent illegal immigrants roam the city, hundreds still , but increasingly confused with the landscape in the poor neighborhoods.

A not small part of the returnees is made up of minors who have returned to their families, who located and claimed them at the humanitarian telephone bridge set up by the autonomous city.

There have been 4,400 calls received from Moroccan territory and 438 children identified in those conferences, of the 800 that the local authorities have filmed.

The charitable foundation of the Sidi Mbarek mosque in Ceuta has already prepared a grave without a headstone in the city’s Muslim cemetery for Sabir Azouz , 19, a native of Castillejos, by profession nothing, whose body came floating in the waters of Tarajal.

“When the waves brought it, it seemed as if it was swimming, but I think it was already dead,” says a sadly privileged witness to the discovery that this Thursday funereally froze the conflict at the foot of the gate, lowering the souffle of diplomatic tension to reality death, the most stark expression of the open crisis since Spain welcomed the leader Polisario Brahim Gahli and Morocco decided to see “the consequences”, as the Moroccan ambassador, Karima Benyaich , said.

The city that, after a judicial postponement, will bury the second known victim of the lies that caused the human flood presents a very different panorama from that of Monday and Tuesday.

There are already 6,500 people, out of 8,000 who entered, who have returned to Morocco, according to the data released by Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska . The Interior Minister has also tried to discourage any possible effect called on Melilla by ensuring that the 30 immigrants for the first time all Maghrebi who on Thursday night managed to jump the fence of this other weak geostrategic point of the crisis with Morocco does not wait for them another destination to be returned, “if applicable.”

Civil guards and Mehannis were not able to stop, only to attenuate, the wave of 200 young people who threw themselves against the fence in Melilla. For this reason, on this side, the joint Police + Army alerts, which were released this Friday afternoon against another attempted entry, of 300 people; 40 made it.

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