October 28, 2021

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Messi Is Silent About His Future At Barça

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“I always compete to win and try to achieve all the objectives. Get titles. And the more, the better ,” Leo Messi told the Argentine sports daily ‘ Olé’. In a long interview granted to the publication for its 25 years of existence, the world star described as “special” obtaining the last Copa del Rey with Barcelona . “The club comes from a couple of years where we had not been having a good time .

This Copa del Rey for the dressing room was a turning point.” The captain of the Argentine team refrained from referring to his professional future. “These are days of definitions, of knowing what will happen to their immediate future,” but Messi, ‘ Olé’ stressed , “He has been systematically careful not to say a word about whether or not he will renew his link with Barcelona on June 30. “In that sense, the newspaper noted that Leo” avoided talking specifically about his continuity. ”

Messi will not play the last game of the League. The club granted him early vacations to rest in the face of commitments with Argentina in the Copa América.

Leo considered himself a “very responsible” person who when he proposed something “I try to push it to the maximum, to achieve it and to fight for what I want . ” Olé wanted to know what he felt when, after winning the Cup, many colleagues asked him to take a picture with him. Messi attributed it to an emotional situation, without double reading.

“I know what the one who comes out from below feels because I felt the same way. Or taking the photo with the most veteran, which is another title to our conquest. It was a beautiful moment in every way.

His days in Barcelona
The captain reviewed his daily life outside of football. Wake up your children, take them to school and pick them up to return home. ” I love that. Being able to lift them or make them sleep at night. And be in the day to day.”

“I love routines and doing something with them. Eat early, go to bed early. I like that and it’s more or less what we do. The truth is that we rarely go out.”

La Pulga ensures not to ignore what is happening in Argentina, plagued for years by an economic and social crisis. “I don’t like what happens not only with my friends but everywhere. There is a lot of poverty, especially us who come from a country where there are many people who have a hard time.

I saw it, I saw it up close, I know it, I know what it’s about, it’s not that I was always in the position that I am today. ” Despite its comforts, ” I am aware of everything that happens both in Argentina and in Spain, which is the country where I live, and I don’t like what I see . And I suffer it. Just as people suffer it. What do I tell you, I have to speak from another position and it is more difficult to give an opinion on this position “.

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