October 28, 2021

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Grizzlies Eliminate Curry And Complete The Play Off Table

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The Grizzlies eliminate Curry and complete the play-off table. The NBA ‘playoffs’ table is already complete after the Memphis Grizzlies have captured the last place in the Western Conference by getting rid of the Golden State Warriors (112-117), defeated in overtime despite 39 points from Stephen Curry .

The last game of the ‘play-in’ reaffirmed the excitement of this new format introduced by the NBA and it was necessary to wait until extra time to know that the Grizzlies will be the rivals of the Utah Jazz in the qualifying rounds for the title.

Draymond Green had one last penetration before overtime to give the Warriors victory , but his attempt did not even touch the rim and in the final minutes the figure of Ja Morant emerged (35 points), turned into executioner of the Californians and who sends Curry, a candidate for a new MVP award, on vacation.

At dawn from Saturday to Sunday the qualifying rounds for the title will begin with four games and to celebrate the NBA has launched the ‘That’s Game’ campaign , which will continue with the 75th anniversary of the league in its next season highlighting key moments on the court and beyond it, from iconic plays on the court to the impact players have on the community.


Philadelphia Sixers – Washington Wizards.

New York Knicks – Atlanta Hawks.

Milwaukee Bucks – Miami Heat.

Brooklyn Nets – Boston Celtics.


Utah Jazz – Memphis Grizzlies.

Los Angeles Clippers – Dallas Mavericks.

Denver Nuggets – Portland Trail Blazers.

Phoenix Suns – Los Angeles Lakers.

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