October 19, 2021

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Has Messi Already Played His Last Game With Barça

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The sad game against Celta , in which Barça squandered the meager title options they had left at the Camp Nou, was Messi’s last game with Barça this League. And it could be the last with the Barça shirt if in the end he does not renew. The Argentine forward, who ends his contract on June 30, will not play the last and inconsequential match against Eibar.

Messi, who had trained until Thursday, this coming he has not done so with the permission of the coach, who had already advanced the holidays to Pedri , another fixed this season. Leo will finish in this way as Pichichi with 30 goals. It will be his eighth league top scorer trophy in the 16 seasons (since 2005-06) he has been playing for the first team. It will be the fifth consecutive and the second without accompanying him of the League title.

Scary question
Nobody at the Camp Nou wants to think that Celta’s was not only his last game this season but his last meeting with Barça. Ronald Koeman raised a terrifying question on Sunday.

The question that millions of Catalans have asked themselves more than once since August, when they learned of the existence of a burofax, which they never wanted to ask themselves and to which they have not yet found an answer because perhaps it does not exist: « Who will score the 30 goals for Messi? » He has only scored more goals than the other six forwards: between them, they total 29.

The technician has returned to influence this Friday in the ‘Messidependencia ‘. “Hopefully Leo will continue here for many years, this season he has once again shown that he is unique. As a person and as a professional he is a 10. Hopefully he will continue.

Barça with Messi has much more future than without Messi. If you don’t have to look for 30 goals. .. “, he recalled, after noting that he had released him from the Eibar match to give him rest. “I wanted to protect three or four players who have made a tremendous effort in every way. I don’t want to say that the others have not. But they have had more minutes. Messi also has the Copa América.”

To the disturbing question of the Dutchman, the fear of the Catalans of the possibility of having already seen, without knowing it, Messi’s last game as a Barcelona player is added. This Saturday he will give an interview in the newspaper ‘Olé’ in which he will break his silence. He has not spoken since the interview with Jordi Évole on December 28 in which he said he did not know if he would leave and that he would wait until the end of the season to decide his future.

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