DFS Week 1 Locks

Now that the football season is back, so is DraftKings and Fanduel. Week 1 means a lot of betting will be placed in these two apps and with the right players on your roster, you can add income into your pockets. Below will be a list of players in each position that you should add to your team while playing DraftKings to amplify your chances of winning the most money possible for the week.


Cam Newton Vs the Cowboys

Anytime you can get a dual quarterback on your team I believe it is a must. The team DESIGNS run plays just so Cam can add yards on the ground. Those are easy points in DraftKings. This week one of the hot names is Drew Brees and as good as he may be this week, everyone will have him on their roster. You don’t want to be using a player who can’t create a positive movement on the charts for you this week. Cam Newton also has the Cowboys defense this week. This is not a strong defense especially against the quarterback position where they ranked 24th against Qb’s. Cam is a solid start to bring you a high floor player on your roster.

Running Back

Royce Freeman vs Seahawks

Royce has been named the number one back for this game after a strong preseason. During those games, he looked like the real deal and threw his name into the rookie of the year conversation. The biggest point of this game is the fact that people are too high on the Seahawks defense. This defense is a shell of their former glory days. With most of these players gone, Royce Freeman has a chance to replicate his 5.6 yards-per-carry from the preseason. My favorite part of Royce Freeman- his price is low (DK= $4,500/FD=$6,000). This will allow me to grab some bigger stud players to bolster my lineup. Royce is a great grab for low cash but high reward.

Wide Receiver

Phillip Dorsett Vs Texans

Have you ever run out of money in your lineup and you scrolled down looking for that one cheap option who could possibly get a long touchdown? In the dictionary that is the description under Phillip Dorsett’s name. He has not been able to live up to his draft pick however on the Patriots there is no better player for a deep option pass. Even with the Texans amazing defense, Brady will have to throw the ball deep to keep them honest. If Dorsett catches even one of them and you can be in the green for week 1.

Tight End

Jack Doyle Vs Bengals

Andrew Luck is back for the first time in over two years. This means the value of the Colts tight end also rises behind his rocket arm. Regardless of Eric Ebron, Jack Doyle is who Luck is comfortable with already. The middle of the field is wide open for 6 catches, 75 yards, and a touchdown coming from Jack Doyle. Don’t let his boring nature fool you, pick him up, and win this position this week.



When it comes to defense on week 1 battles in the NFL the line is simple. Pick a team at home with a chance at multiple sacks and at least a turnover. The Ravens and the Saints both complete this checklist. The real question here is who do you trust less: Nathan Peterman or Ryan Fitzpatrick? After watching Peterman last year, I am leaning to the Ravens but let your salary dictate which one you grab.

Why is there no flex or kicker?

 The running back and wide receiver options can be used as your flex, so we will skip that position. When it comes to kickers I decide to pick a kicker with great conditions and on a high-powered offense. Don’t get too cute in this position, a player like Wil Lutz will do just fine.

Remember in week 1, it is better to play a little safer than aim for the homerun player as some of these players haven’t even played in the preseason. Look for high floor studs to fill the roster and then grab a few of the players above to win some extra cash this weekend.

Joe Pepe

Joe Pepe

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Joe Pepe

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