Training Room: Fantasy Football Injury Updates – Week 2

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Week 1 didn’t miss it’s chance to rob living room GM’s around the fantasy football universe of their joy as several big names joined the ranks of the fallen or hobbled. Some of us lost our match-ups when Doug Baldwin and Leonard Fournette went down, while others cringed and but were granted mercy when Aaron Rodgers arose from the dead. Another week of health debacles and now we try to sort out what it means for Round 2.

Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB – Welp, this is one of the big ones and the reality is, barring an announcement that he’s getting some kind of surgery, AA-Ron is going to be playing. The Packers are having him do light rehab work this week which means nothing for a guy who can get out of bed and throw five TD’s. Knee injuries are tough and he clearly was not at 100%, but that may just be his reality for 2018. Start him until he can’t walk anymore, then start him until he leaves the game for good and then think about starting him after that…

Leonard Fournette, RB, JAX – The two words you NEVER want to hear for a running back are “hamstring injury”… or is that three words? Either way, it’s too many bad words. I’m a proud Fournette owner and I am holding my breath. He didn’t practice on Wednesday which is an alarm, as is the fact that TJ Yeldon isn’t awful. Fournette probably plays this week, but I would wager the Jags will utilize Yeldon a lot and they could be playing from behind against New England. This might be a week to fade the stud runner if you have a more suitable option.

Devonta Freeman, RB, ATL – The names don’t get any less shiny as we go. Freeman came up hobbled last Thursday night with a sore knee, which obviously doesn’t sound great. Here we are six days later and he was a no go at practice on Wednesday. Atlanta has a very capable back in Tevin Coleman lurking in the shadows which may allow them to rest Freeman, even if he does suit up. This is a scary situation similar to Fournette and both guys are going to be hard to trust. I would, however, start Coleman who could be a fantasy gem this week.

Doug Baldwin, WR, SEA – This one hurt a lot of teams, including one of my own, but it’s really our own faults. Doug had been dealing with an unidentified knee injury all through preseason that the devious Pete Carrol and company promised us was nothing. Five plays into the game and we never saw the receiver again. He’s going to be out at least a couple weeks and this smells like a lingering problem. If you are super deep at WR, stash him for a late run, if you are thin and were relying on Baldwin you need to begin finding alternatives immediately for the long haul.

Marquise Goodwin, WR, SF – The good news is that the receiver only had a thigh bruise, the bad news is it was painful enough he couldn’t play through it and he’s still not practicing. Honestly, a bruise seems like something a quick cocktail of painkillers could fix and he would be able to go this weekend, but I’m not a doctor so who knows. If he gets in a limited session Thursday, he’s probably going to be fine by Sunday, but if he misses Thursday he needs to be out of your lineup.

Delanie Walker, TE, TEN – This is a crusher. Walker is probably the most underrated pass-catching tight end in fantasy and usually far more affordable than the other top of the line options. Unfortunately, his season is over as he faces reconstructive surgery on his ankle, just brutal. Time to look elsewhere and I might personally check under the Will Dissly and Austin Seferian-Jenkins rocks.

DeSean Jackson, WR, TB – Roasting the Saints with some vintage DJax long-ball magic apparently proved too tiring to sustain for a full game as Jackson missed the fourth quarter on Sunday. A concussion and now a shoulder injury are keeping the ageless streaker on the sideline it his status for Week 2 looks grim at best. Chris Godwin: Activated.

Tedd Ginn, WR, NO – Out of nowhere Ginn missed Wednesday practice with a knee injury. This could be nothing, but again, it’s that knee thing. Monitor closely. If he missed, Tre’Quan Smith is an exciting option.

Ben Roethlisberger, QB, PIT – Apparently turning the ball over five (yes FIVE) times is tough on your elbow. Big Ben has a boo-boo and Mike Tomlin is taking some time this week to kiss it and make it feel better. He’ll be just fine.

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