GM's Office: Fantasy Football Trading Tips - Week 2

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Ideally, trades should help both teams, th is is what is called the "Gentleman's Trade". These aren't always easy to come by but in some circumstances, they are absolutely necessary.

If I have an RB3 as my RB1 but have five wide receivers who could start for a lot of teams but can only start three, I'm leaving a lot of points on the bench. This kind of roster construction will drive you insane as you watch a single digit loss smack you in the face while you have two double-digit scoring WR on the bench. This leads to what the fantasy community calls "tilting" which can ultimately derail your whole season. What will happen to a lot of owners is they will pick the receiver that, in their mind, has the best combination of talent and matchup. The problem is that out of the five receivers two are stud, every week starters while the other three are started based on the matchup.

Now, remember the times you left the win on the bench by starting duds while your bench exploded. Next week you start the guy(s) who enjoyed those great games thinking you have it made, saying to yourself "my guys finally broke out and are ready to take the next step." When that guy drops a dud you start to enter the "tilt zone." That is a bad place to be. I will not let that happen to you! You will trade one of those redundant assets for a running back and balance out your team. Enter the Gentleman's Trade. You will help a WR needy team and in return, you will receive a proper starting running back. Everybody wins and both teams in this trade will reap the benefits of a balanced team. Here is who you should be targeting this week to help your team improve.

Nelson Agholor, WR, Eagles

Agholor is a big play threat for the defending world champion. A ton of people, including myself, have underestimated the asset they have in this athlete. Picked in the first round in the 2015 NFL draft to be a core piece of the offense, it's safe to say he had been a total disappointment in his first couple years. Less than 700 yards to go with three TDs and numerous drops made him udraftable in 2017. Nelson had a quiet break out season that many discredit because he only had 768 yards. I remember all of the big TDs, of which he scored eight. Thursday Nelson had eight catches for only 33 yards. This could cause a lot of owners to not realize that Nelson is, right now, the Eagles WR1. Alshon Jeffrey has a long history of being injured and is currently still injured, probably for a few weeks. I, as should you, have a strong distrust of players injured coming into the season. Mike Wallace will have some long catches this season but I would target the target hog Nelson and bank on his 10 week-one targets becoming a regular occurrence.

Travis Kelce, TE, Chiefs

One catch for six yards is the epitome of a tilt causing performance. Owners may see a changing landscape with the new gunslinger in town, Patrick Mahomes. Will Mahomes ignore the short and intermediate game to sling the longball to Tyreek Hill over and over again? Based on Kelce's last four years the answer would be a resounding no. With an average of 975 yards with 22 TDs Kelce, along with Rob Gronkowski, have been the elite options at the tight end position. People are also concerned about the fact that Kelce has three concussions he has sustained in his career. Don't be that person as Travis has not missed a game due to injury in his career. What you should focus on is this is a tight end in the prime of his career who went to the last three Pro Bowls and was 1st team All-Pro in 2016. Getting even deeper into the numbers, according to the player profiler, Kelce was tested in the 87th percentile of athletes at his position in regards to his size and speed. He was also first at his position in yards after the catch, as anyone who has ever seen him play already knows. I'm also a firm believer in Mahomes and I believe that his gunslinger mentality will put numbers on all of the Chiefs primary weapons. If somebody in your league wants to sell Kelce, I would flood their inbox with offers right now.

Devin Funchess, WR, Panthers

A ton of people wrote off Funchess after his first two years in the league were an abject failure. After raking up a combined 844 yards in those two early years, he went undrafted in all but the deepest of leagues. He was routinely outperformed by both Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin in those years. That all changed in 2017 when unfortunately an aging Greg Olsen was injured and Benjamin was shipped to Buffalo. He broke out with 840 yards and 8 TDs as the number one WR for Cam Newton. A lot of people believed Funchess was the product of good luck volume as the last man standing in the Panthers offense (outside of Christian McCaffrey). Greg Olsen came back and had a dominant game against the Saints in the playoffs and the Panthers drafted DJ Moore in the 1st round of the 2018 draft, relegating, in most owners eyes, Funchess to 4th option in the Panthers offense. The thing is Moore has looked like a project throughout the preseason and into game one. Then, unfortunately, Greg Olsen once again injured the same foot that caused him to miss most of last year. Funchess is the WR1 for this offense and should command a strong percentage of the wide receiver targets in this offense. Take advantage of Funchess's 41 yards in his first game and buy right now.

Kerryon Johnson, RB, Lions

When I'm looking to acquire young, unproven, rookie running backs, one of the most important aspects of that back is their situation. Kerryon Johnson landed in a tremendous situation any way you look at it. The team has a prolific passing attack led by Matthew Stafford who has at least 4200 yards in his last seven years. But you ask, Johnson is a running back. It will help Kerryon that defenses have to respect the pass and he will rarely face eight or more defenders in the box. The Lions also drafted Frank Raganow in the 1st round in this year's draft and also signed TJ Lang from division rival Green Bay Packers. As long as Stafford is not assaulted on the field and can stay healthy this team will score points. Also, his competition for carries is terrible. LeGarrette Blount is injured already and was a total non-factor Monday night. Theo Riddick is a good pass catching back but Johnson may be better in that area already. Ameer Abdullah was not even active Monday night and it is mildly shocking that he has not been traded or cut as of yet. I built this strong case for buying without yet mentioning how good of a prospect the Auburn product is. Johnson was a slow starter but by his junior year, he amassed almost 1600 yards from scrimmage to go with 20 total TDs. This tremendous JR season helped him get drafted early in the 2nd round in the 2018 draft. A great offense, shallow depth chart, and great college resume make Johnson a screaming buy.

Early in the season is the time to strike a Gentleman's Trade. Now is the time to try and help a fellow league owner balance out their roster and balance yours in the process. If you are not doing so now, your competition will. You don't want to watch your competitors make their team better while you continue to lose battles at your least talented position groups. This will only lead to "shower cries" while you tilt your team further and further away from playoff competition.

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