GM’s Office: Fantasy Football Trade Targets – Week 10

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Is Todd Gurley untradable in a dynasty format? I would have said “absolutely” up until a couple days ago. I went after one of my favorite trade targets, Keenan Allen, when a team in my dynasty league announced he was on the trading block. I then sent a direct message to that manager, who I will call “John,” to see what it would take to acquire Allen. One should always contact the other party directly in trade negotiations. You never send blind trade offers as that helps no one. At this point John jokes “is Gurley available?” Obviously not as Gurley is the LaDainian Tomlinson of our generation and a huge weekly advantage for his managers. Is there an offer that could net Gurley? What would be “an offer I couldn’t refuse” look like?

John comes back with Keenan Allen, Zach Ertz, and Kerryon Johnson straight up for Gurley. Wow. This is a jaw-dropping haul especially when one considers that in this league managers start two TE’s. In my eyes that is three top 12 players at their respective positions with Ertz at the top of the TE list with Kelce. Would that be enough to trade away a guy averaging nearly 30 points per game? This was probably one of the most gut-wrenching decisions I’ve made as a fake football manager. Will this decision cost me a title chance as I was a second place team before this trade?

What terrified me most about Gurley is his team’s record. If the Rams are 13-1 and have a first-round bye locked up does the team rest Gurley for the last two. Does the team cut his workload? Most people on Twitter told me I’m nuts (and other less flattering descriptors) for going through with this move. What follows is why I’m so excited about each of these players acquired going forward.

Keenan Allen

With 797 yards and five TD’s in his last seven games, Allen was on a lot of championship squads last year. The reason he scored so many fantasy points is that he is good at football. One of the best route runners in the league he routinely puts his defender on the ground as an elite NBA dribbler will. He also has underappreciated volume thrower Philip Rivers throwing him the ball for at least the next couple of years. The fact that Allen only has one score this year keeps his buying window open. As a still only 26-year-old I will buy completely into his prime as a WR1 for the foreseeable future.

Zach Ertz

With Gronk seemingly on his way out of elite territory (I would still buy low) Ertz and Travis Kelce are the creme of the TE crop. These players may be untouchable for most but I would still make contact with their managers to see if it’s a hard no on moving either. You may run into someone who is concerned about Ertz’s target share considering Alshon Jeffery’s emergence to go with Golden Tate coming to town via trade. Through eight games Ertz was number eight in targets, not amongst TE’s, overall. Whatever targets Ertz loses he will make up with efficiency as he gets easier looks. Additionally, I see this offense making a huge bump up in points as Carson Wentz gets closer to his MVP level play of 2017. Just 27 years old he is also squarely in his prime.

Kerryon Johnson

While Johnson is not the biggest name in this trade, his inclusion in this trade is what sealed the deal. He is one of the few backs in the league that have true workhorse traits. He has outstanding feet and vision and consistently makes the first tackler miss. KJ also has excellent hands making him a guy that can stay on the field on third down and hurry up situations. He delivered the first 100-yard game since Barry Sanders and then did it again, to the tune of 158 yards. Simply put, he made Golden Tate expendable and we are now seeing the new face of the Lions offense. I see KJ being a perennial RB1 as the bell cow of the Lions. Trade for him now coming off a couple of mediocre games and dominate the competition with the 21-year-old.

Would it break the deal if I included OJ Howard in the final agreement? It did not for me as I also received a second round pick for Howard’s inclusion. And with that, this article will be changing like my number two dynasty league. Going forward this will be a dynasty league player targets column. I will be giving you tips on how to transform your dynasty team to a dominant yearly contender.

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