NFL Fantasy Football Draft

Fantasy Football – WAY Too Early First Round Mock! The Backs areBack!

Football season isn’t over yet but the real one is. The Fantasy season. Yes, the obsession is a 365-day war and here is an early look at how round one might go down in August.

  1. Todd Gurley- This should be an easy one. Over 1800 total yards and 21 TD’s this year might be the floor next season. Gurley is in a high octane offense and just hitting his prime. As long as this C.J Anderson surge doesn’t derail the true talent, Gurley has a ceiling that can’t be touched.
  2. Ezekiel Elliott- He led the league in rushing and Dallas finally allowed him to show what he could do as a receiver. This dude is a monster. They are making some changes on offense but everything will still go through Zeke. 2000 more yards in 2019 will be easy.
  3. Saquon Barkley- He’s making a case as the best running back in the league. The rookie just went for over 2000 total yards and 15 TD’s. Barkley went over 100 total yards in 13 games. What the Giants do at quarterback might change things up on offense but a rookie quarterback couldn’t be too much worse than Eli. Barkley will kill year two.
  4. Christian McCaffrey- Not a sleeper anymore. McCaffrey just rushed for over 1000 yards and caught over 100 passes. He’s matchup-proof and might be the most consistent player in the league moving forward. Solid and safe top-five pick.
  5. Alvin Kamara- Kamara is a monster in the open field. He’s caught over 80 balls in first two seasons and even bigger workload might be coming if Mark Ingram leaves in free agency. Brees is getting up there in age but this offense is still stout. Kamar finishing as the top RB wouldn’t shock me.
  6. James Conner- Conner wrecked shop his first year as the starter and put up similar numbers to former “all world” running back Le’Veon Bell. In only 13 games, Conner went for over 1400 total yards and 13 TD’s. If the Steelers lean on Conner even more next year, 2000 yards and 20 TD’s isn’t out of the question.
  7. Patrick Mahomes- Too early for a quarterback but somebody usually takes the bait. This is about the best bait we’ve ever seen from a quarterback. Year one he re-wrote the record books. Year two could be the start of a dynasty and I do not want to play against this guy. SCARY!
  8. Melvin Gordon- This is where cracks of risk start to set in. Gordon gets dinged up and has only played all 16 games once in four years. But he just had his best year rushing and the Chargers offense looks legit with solid QB play and playmakers across the board. If he’s healthy the numbers will be huge.
  9. DeAndre Hopkins- Top RB’s are starting to go down and the itch for receivers starts with Hopkins. Let’s not forget this dude is only 26 and his quarterback is a young phenom that’s only going to get better. His career low was 800 yards his rookie year and he’s been over 1000 in four of his 6 seasons. Best receiver in football with Go-Go gadget arms and body control that is out of this world.
  10. Joe Mixon- The running backs without risk are gone, but Mixon is still a bellcow that could go for 2000 yards. He missed a couple of games but still had solid numbers. Tyler Boyd showed the Bengals could have two of the best receivers in the league next year and Mixon in that offense with Andy Dalton instead of Jeff Driskel could be a league winner.

This is way too early but I feel the top of the draft is almost locked in already unless a crazy injury happens. Free agency and the draft change the outlook of all of these players but these 10 should be in there. I don’t see any college RB’s coming in and dominating out of this year’s crop and rookie quarterbacks and receivers usually struggle.

All of this based off of standard scoring/ only partial points-per-reception.Every league is different and scoring formats change things but the bottom line is RB’s are back in a big way. If somebody doesn’t take the QB bait I could see an all RB first round easy.

Mahomes and Le’Veon Bell are the wildcards that could shake everything up. It’s always good to think about who you know you can get round one depending on where you are picking. Winning a war starts with a plan. This is what the first battle might look like. Draft accordingly.

Now you know Broe @broeham

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