Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase Puts Trust in Offensive Line

With Gase revealing in delight over Alfred Wilson's work ethic, the Dolphins could secure their best start to a season in five years if they make it 3-0 this weekend.

The 0-2 Oakland Raiders stand between the Dolphins and their first 3-0 start in five years.

This Sunday, at the Hard Rock Stadium, the two teams do battle with the Fins looking to continue their flying start and the Raiders looking to right a disappointing start.

Jon Gruden's Raiders may have started badly, but they have a positive to draw in that QB Derek Carr has only conceded two sacks in two games, one of the best results in the league.

That's something the Dolphins will need to attempt to change, but head coach Adam Gase is well aware of the challenge that awaits his defensive line.

"Derek's (Carr) done a great job in terms of getting the ball out extremely quick. You throw that line in front of him and that's a large group of guys that have done a good job in previous years." - HC Adam Gase today's press conference

"They've never been an easy group to go against. They are hard to get around. It's big guys that when you attack up the middle, they are not going very far and if you go around the edge, usually by the time you get there the ball is out."

"It's a combination of the wide-outs, tight-ends, and quarterback getting the ball out, and then you throw in their running game, that's why you see when they go play action, their open because the guys in the secondary are on their own."

The Dolphins could be set for a fitness boost this weekend with Devante Parker set to be ready to return after missing the first two games.

When asked if Parker would definitely start, Gase replied with a short: "I don't know, we will find out."

But he did go on to discuss the importance of what Parker offers, that something 'different'. He added: "I think it's always nice to have as many different body types and different skill-sets, it makes it harder for the defense.

"The wider the variety, the better it is for us."

A player who has impressed in both of the first two games is free agent signee, Alfred Wilson.

Wilson managed a touchdown in the win over the Jets last week, and he has managed a respectable 68-yards receiving in his first two competitive games.

Not bad for a player who is still settling in and still getting to grips with the playbook at the Hard Rock Stadium.

"I think the more that we do with him and the longer that he is in this, it's only going to get easier for him," added Gase.

"He's always looking to contribute in any way, whether he has the ball or not, and I think that's something I've really come to appreciate about him."

"He's unselfish, he cares about his group doing well and he's a big part of making sure that our guys are focused on winning."

Game details: Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins. Kick-off: 1 pm EDT

Jamie Kemble

Jamie Kemble

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