NY Jets Brain Trust

Who’s Gone First ?

I heard, from a source, that the following conversation took place at the Jet’s Training Center just prior to OTAs.

One of the UDFAs showed up to sign his paperwork, and it seems McCown was the only player in the building that early.

UDFA: Hey, just got in, I need to see the GM. Who is the GM?
McCown: No, Who, is the coach.
UDFA: Ok, I’ll bite, who is the coach?
McCown: Right.
UDFA: Excuse me?….Nevermind. What is the GM’s Name?
McCown: Correct.
UDFA: Dude, I know it’s early and all, but really, I need to get this in before practice, so, can you please tell me, who is the GM?
McCown: No.
UDFA: Excuse me?
McCown: Man, I’m not gonna lie to you…
UDFA: FCOL! What is the GM’s name?
McCown: I already told you that.
UDFA: Ok. Let me work my way up…What is the coaches name?
McCown: No….Who is the coach.
UDFA: I just asked you that!
McCown: And I just told you.
UDFA: Nevermind, the GM will tell me who the coach is, who is the GM?
McCown: They guy ain’t Parcells, What is the GM’s name.
UDFA: I just asked you who is the GM!
McCown: Who is the Coach, What is the GM’s name.
UDFA. I don’t know.
McCown. That’s the owner…
UDFA: What? Who is the owner?
McCown: He wishes, then he wouldn’t be worried about another 5-11 season.
UDFA: Who is worried about another 5-11 season?
McCown: He should be, or else he’ll be gone.
UDFA What?
McCown: He should be too or he may be gone as well.
UDFA: What?
McCown: Yes.
UDFA: Look, what kind of shape are we in?
McCown, Well, we have more talent now, Who knows what to do with it, some of the moves have been shaky, but I Don’t Know, What, and the coach will probably go before the GM.
UDFA: Who knows what?
McCown: Of course he does.
UDFA: I don’t know any of the people you are talking about.
McCown: Oh he’s the owner, he’s safe.
UDFA: Who?
McCown: I Don’t Know.
UDFA: Are you under the concussion protocol dude?
McCown: Why would you ask me that?
UDFA: I asked you who the coach is.
McCown: And I told you.
UDFA: Then I asked you what’s the GM’s name.
McCown: Correct, and he should be in by now, go see him.
UDFA: F*** I don’t know.
McCown: He does sign your checks, and he’s the owner, he’s safe.
UDFA: SMFH Dude, If we tank who goes first, what goes second, …I don’t know.

(In Unison) “He’s Safe!”

McCown: That’s the first right thing you’ve got right so far. Hope you pick the playbook up a little quicker.
UDFA: I’m Lost.
McCown: No worries I’ll walk you up to the GM’s office.

Now on to the not so funny part. With most of the media, doing their top 20 countdown, I thought I would revisit some of the players that coulda, shoulda, woulda, been Jets.

When Mickey Macc drafted Hackenberg, Vonn Bell was still on the board. And yes, Safety was a need and Bell has been impressive with the Saints. This causes the dominoes to fall because then in 2017, we don’t need to draft two safeties. The Jets could have used the Maye pick, for…gee I don’t know, Vikings starter at C Pat Elfein? Then going forward the brain trust, decided on Ardarius Stewart, over Davis Webb. You know, Eli’s heir apparent. Then we get to the Hansen pick, not content to plug an already filled hole, on the roster, they pick another WR. Of course, still on the board? Michigan standout TE, Jake Butt. A few picks later we snag Leggett. Now, given the state of the roster, which made more sense, two TE’s or two WR3’s?

So now we have a WR room that is overcrowded which means someone will be going. So, who will it be? Devin Smith? a Second round pick, wasted, or Stewart, a third rounder, or Hansen, a fourth-round pick? One of them will be a burned pick.

Either way, as we’ve seen between Hackenberg, and Stewart and Hansen, this team could have filled gaping holes, rather than overfilling.

Our TE room is nonexistent unless Leggett pans out. Let’s face it, you can go back thru Rex and Tanny and just cry over the wasted picks.

Then, of course, there is the continually confused ownership. Seriously, Tanny gets fired, and they turn to John Idzik, the biggest drafting nightmare since Parcells early drafts…Rick Terry? JJ Syvrud, though in Bills defense he made up for it in 2000. Waiting for Mickey Macc to have that magic moment.

So you tell me, Von Bell, Pat Elfein, Davis Webb… or Hackenberg, Stewart, and Hansen? (I have no real issue with the Maye pick, except doubling down and using four picks on two positions, (One of which wasn’t exactly a need) is beyond questionable when the team has so many holes on the roster, which remain to this day. Again, I’ll refer back to my previous article on the (continuing) mismanagement of the offense.

And of course, the team never gave a proper look at Jalin Marshall, who performed excellently when used in the slot. Another unfilled hole. But hey, don’t worry, the Jets got Lucky Whitehead.

I want to know what you think,
C’mon enter the tiger’s den.



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