Devin Smith

The Forgotten Man – Devin Smith

I thought while everyone else was doing the same top 25 countdowns, I’d try to take a bit of a different tack here.

So, over the next few weeks, we’ll spotlight a player, most likely a current fringe player, or the lack of positional roster fulfillment, and the attendant pros and cons.

Let’s start with the New York Jets Devin Smith.

Look, the guy has had a tremendous run of piss poor luck, from a freak accident on day one of rookie camp, to ACL issues.

I get it.

Here’s my argument.

The kid has never had an honest opportunity to stay on the field. Even after he was drafted, he was buried by age and (lack of) experience. Now, He is due 1.8 million in the final year of his rookie deal, and I say the smart move is to let him play it out.

His base is guaranteed, and he is 1.2 mil in cap savings if cut. However, given the fact that Mickey Macc stuck with Hackenpuke, who couldn’t play his way on to the field, MM should stick with the number 37 overall pick. Let’s face it, in terms of raw ability, Charone Peake, and Lucky Whitehead, are not in his league.

Here’s Bleacherreport

The New York Jets announced rookie wide receiver Devin Smith was taken to a local hospital after suffering broken ribs during practice July 31. Dom Cosentino of NJ Advance Media reported Smith also punctured his lung.

Thankfully, Smith is active for the team’s Week 3 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles after being inactive for the first two weeks of the season.

Broken Ribs, Punctured lung. Active weak 3. That’s like Samuel L.Jacksons wallet in Pulp Fiction. It’s the one that says “bad MotherFucker on it”

Re-sign him to a two-year deal, lower his cap number this year, make next year a team option year, which makes it a one year prove it deal, with a bit of a cushion for the player, and more cap space for the team (remember the Jets are carrying 9 million in dead Mo Wilk Money this year). A few hundred K deferred from this year to the next helps the team. We also lost Sefarian-Jenkins to the Jagoffs over a million dollars, so Mickey Macc went into the season with no real TE, over less money than Peake and Whitehead cost. As you see the theme running through my articles, this shit aint exactly rocket science. In the NFL Draft, every GM touts the BPA BS. On the roster, not so much. TE’s will come next as we claw our way through the roster (mis) mismanagement I started in my last full-length feature.

Then you have Stewart, Hansen, Smith, and Pryor. The latter two are far superior athletically, to the former.

Stack them with Enunwa (maybe one hit away, from forced early retirement) Anderson, (begging for a 4 game suspension) and Kearse, the only truly solid member of the group, and you have the makings to find two, or three for a solid 6. And Pryor can replace a TE, in certain situations, as discussed, this is a nightmare matchup inside.

I want to know what you think, cmon enter the Tigers den.



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Long Suffering Jets Fan, is there really anymore that needs to be said? Jetted from the East Coast to Columbus, but I still bleed green, and it's time for brutal honesty, Enter the Tigers Den.NYJets

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