The Summer of Sam Begins Well, Jets Demolish Falcons

Yes, I said don’t read too much into what you see on the field.   I was wrong.  Sort of. It is still Week 1 of the preseason, But when was the last time we could use the word Demolish, in describing a NY Jets victory?

First some housekeeping.

Let’s give a hat tip to the kid, @DhaSickest , Darius Guice, get well soon. Guice had his season ended in week 1 of the preseason, suffering a torn ACL, as NFL Network described it during the in-game call,   “as two Patriots rolled up him”.  @DhaSickest, Get well soon.  Sucks to see a rookie get hurt that early. We all remember how that turned out for Devin Smith.

Now, onto the game. (As a sidebar, We aren’t Browns fans so we don’t have Suicide Prevention on speed dial (Vans Joke), but Maybe we can start becoming friends of Bill and going to meetings. We can finally stay sober.)

This team will not drive you to drink.

Let’s face it, the Falcons weren’t going to show too much last night, but we still have quite a few positives to take away from the game.

Buster Skrine gave us the first wow play of the night, Buster-ing up a screenplay, for a loss of two on 2nd down with Atlanta pinned by their own goal line, which contributed to a four and out, and field position dominance.

Then the Jets second stringer comes in, Fast Teddy Bridgewater, on  3rd and 5  drops, nails  a shallow cross*(more on this in a bit) to Anderson,  then on 4th and 2 under pressure, hits Kearse, again on a shallow cross*, well covered and Fast Teddy put the ball exactly an arms length out front, and hit him in stride…Small window, tight throw. Holeee Fuck was that sharp.

After a couple of Powell runs gets another set of downs, Crowell comes in for the 8th play of the drive. Crowell outside left, for 3.5, Crowell outside right for 3 more.

3rd and 4, from the 16, Crowell split out, drags underneath on a shallow cross* (sensing a pattern here ?)   Fast Teddy hits him  (little high, in stride and there would have been no touching him), Crowell makes the grab in between two sitting linebackers, blows by the one closing on him turns it upfield and is met by 2 more Falcon defenders, all three converge on him at the 1 and Crowell batters his way in for 6 (Sadly getting concussed in the process).

But to paraphrase Macklemore, “it was fucking AWESOOOMMMMMME!! For both Fast Teddy and Crowell. the three Atlanta defenders he left on their backs, probably not so much. They were probably going ‘What what…..what…. what???” Cue Wanz.

The defense was excellent at all levels, they shut down the Falcons with more authority than a virgin on prom night.

Nothing else matters much after that except…of course….The .14 Caliber Killer..sooooo..

The Key part is the scoring drive at the last two minutes of the second half.

Bottom line, He made no mistakes. He made plays. Evading pressure, going past his progressions, sliding away, making plays with his legs.

He was, a stone cold killer..

So, what did we see?  The Jets offense looks like it is evolving into the modern era, plenty of use of the flats, and out side runs (which will tire out a defense over a game), and plenty of shallow crosses and drags, which will give the QB’s a plethora of better throwing chances inside the hashmarks. We saw the defense pitch a shutout…Hmmm.. And We saw (I’ll Leave McCown out of this) two QB’s more talented than anyone we’ve seen since Kenny O’Brien….I like and respect Mark Sanchez, but…He’d be third on this depth chart. (though there is the consideration of the offense he was asked to run.) And the Sanchize took us to the AFCCG, not once…but twice. Whipped Beli and Brady’s asses in their house.

Now we have a real offense, and some real QB play. And the defense looks to be tightened up. And for all of the Start Sammy Soon talk to follow, if Fast Teddy stays, Fast Teddy plays..Let Sam stay at three, with McCown as the two, And let the kid learn.

I started off my last article, saying, some days it’s hard not to be a cynic, then I started talking about the Jets as a writer, it’s my job is to cover the team objectively.. but today, I’ll leave you with this…

Some days. It’s hard not to just be a fan….

I want to know what you think,

C’mon enter the Tiger den.



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Long Suffering Jets Fan, is there really anymore that needs to be said? Jetted from the East Coast to Columbus, but I still bleed green, and it's time for brutal honesty, Enter the Tigers Den.NYJets

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