Jets Colts Pre Game

So, this Sunday, the Colts come to town. 1-4, wounded, and off of a 10-day rest.  This is the trap game. This is the game the Jets are supposed to win, going in, but everything is set against them. A long rested opponent. A huge blowout style win, where they rolled the other team like a rube in a county fair clip joint. The Jets need to demonstrate that they have much to prove. I'll start with one simple object.

Sustain drives on offense. The Jets need to become a competent first down machine. Listen to Brett Favre. 'Just keep making first downs'. For all of the criticism I've given Mickey Macc, all justifiable, Darnold has weapons, except at the Tight End position. If Master Bates would simply step outside the box and use Pryor as an HBack, as a nightmare inside matchup, they'd be unstoppable. On that note, ironically enough from my game notes, about Pryor sealing the block at the end of Crowells long run, Turd Ferguson actually complimented that in the Press this week, so maybe The Bowles is looking for a little more T.P.  One can only hope.

The Jets catch a break, Andrew Luck will be without T.Y. Hilton. But It's still Andrew Luck. The Colts may be the only team in the NFL that has been worse at drafting than the Jets. Should the Jets actually succeed this week, Mickey Macc should look long and hard, about how the Colts after their 'Suck for Luck' campaign wound up at 1-4. Piss poor Drafting, Mike. Let's hope the season suffering 'Suck for Sam' stupidity doesn't take us down the same road.

A game that shows the .14 Caliber Killer and his Killing Krew can add painful slow moving sustained offense to the explosive offense we've seen, and thereby give the defense a leg up by putting teams at a scoring AND time disadvantage, will give way to larger dreams.

Like the ones we had the Tuesday after opening day.

We shall see.

I am reminded of a poem by Edward Thomas, about the yin and yang of it all.

The Sun Used to Shine

The sun used to shine while we two walked
Slowly together, paused and started
Again, and sometimes mused, sometimes talked
As either pleased, and cheerfully parted
Each night. We never disagreed
Which gate to rest on. The to be
And the late past we gave small heed.
We turned from men or poetry
To rumours of the war remote
Only till both stood disinclined
For aught but the yellow flavorous coat
Of an apple wasps had undermined;
Or a sentry of dark betonies,
The stateliest of small flowers on earth,
At the forest verge; or crocuses
Pale purple as if they had their birth
In sunless Hades fields. The war
Came back to mind with the moonrise
Which soldiers in the east afar
Beheld then. Nevertheless, our eyes
Could as well imagine the Crusades
Or Caesar's battles. Everything
To faintness like those rumours fade—
Like the brook's water glittering
Under the moonlight—like those walks
Now—like us two that took them, and
The fallen apples, all the talks
And silence—like memory's sand
When the tide covers it late or soon,
And other men through other flowers
In those fields under the same moon
Go talking and have easy hours.

Easy Hours...Let's hope for 3 and a half good ones this Sunday,

(It just looks like the Fan hat, really)

I wan;t to know what you think,

C'mon, enter the Tiger's Den.



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Long Suffering Jets Fan, is there really anymore that needs to be said? Jetted from the East Coast to Columbus, but I still bleed green, and it's time for brutal honesty, Enter the Tigers Den. NYJets

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