Baker Mayfield Says, "Welcome to the Terrordome"

Baker Mayfield: As funny as it sounds, it’s kind of how my whole life has gone … I’ve always told myself I’m different … I didn’t do this by myself, and I’m not going to handle it that way.

The Cleveland Browns played the winless Silver and Black today.

Chuck D is a better writer than me so let's let him discuss their new quarterback.

"I got so much trouble on my mind
Refuse to lose
Here's your ticket
Hear the drummer get wicked
The crew to you to push the back to black

Attack so I sack and jack
Then slapped the mac
Now I'm ready to mic it
You know I like it!

Known as fair square
Throughout my years
So I growl at the living foul
Black to the bone my home is your home"

"So welcome to the Terrordome"

The Browns played the Raiders on the road, but for as long as that kid can stand upright and wears a plain orange helmet, I don't think he plays his home games at FirstEnergy Stadium. I'm no longer going to laugh when someone calls the city's billion-dollar gift the "factory of sadness" anymore. I will probably find a reason to go watch the Browns play at the Terrordome.

I can't tell you a single thing about the life of Nick Chubb, but because Baker Mayfield was on the field this happened, and I responded with a gratuitous, sexual pun on Twitter.

Then Chubb did something similar later in the game.

It didn't start well. No one wants to be down 7-0 before either team has made a first down.

My dad said that Antonio Callaway should have caught that pass and maybe he should have, but really it wasn't a very good pass by Mayfield, and I'm pretty sure that Mayfield was the first guy to say that the 26-yard touchdown return of the interception by Gareon Conley was his fault.

Baker Mayfield Says, "Welcome to the Terrordome" 1

Who knows who receded back into the darkness of the past two decades at that point? I only know that it never crossed Baker Mayfield's mind.

He brought his team right back down the field for a score. Hue Jackson actually went for it on 4th & 6 from the Oakland 39. Someone knew exactly how many yards they needed, and Mayfield ran seven yards for a first down. The very next play Mayfield was sacked for a 12-yard loss.

After that it was crazy, but finally entertaining and worth watching. My dad said. "I've never seen them score this many points before," and I said, "of course."

Baker Mayfield Says, "Welcome to the Terrordome" 2

There were dropped passes, turnovers, blown leads, questionable first down marks that were reviewed, and a heartbreaking two-point conversion by Jordy Nelson to tie a game that seemed won.

Baker Mayfield came back onto the field with thirty seconds left to win a tie game in regulation. He knew he was going to take his team down the field for a winning score, and that is pretty much the only thing in this game that mattered.

That is the kind of football that is worth skipping "Breaking Bad" reruns on Netflix, not games eked out 5-3 by Phil Dawson.

Then Baker Mayfield threw it way downfield right to the Raiders' Reggie Nelson. Not smart. I didn't care. Baker Mayfield was trying to win. It was his fourth turnover. God bless him. He will learn.

The Browns will probably not win the Super Bowl this year, but I dare you to say that within hearing distance of their new quarterback because some people watching in Cleveland got to see some real football for the first time ever.

Marshawn Lynch is a pretty good football player.

Raider 45 Browns 42 OT. Would you rather have won 5-3? I'll be talking about this loss to a winless team for the rest of my life. Great victory for the Browns.

Baker Mayfield Says, "Welcome to the Terrordome" 3


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