Tom Savage

Why is Texans Savage Not Better?

Ahhh the quarterback position. They call it the hardest position to play in all of sports. They also call it the softest position in all of sports, but who really knows? I know you have to maintain a quick thinking mind and also keep a short memory. Many have tried, many have failed, and a few have succeeded. Yet even though their isn’t an exact science in picking a good quarterback one has to winder why Tom Savage is struggling as much as he is in Houston. His last game was his best one and even in that he threw a horrible interception. Let’s look at the three main facts why he “should” be performing consistently much better than he is in my opinion.

Size: Tom Savage is listed at 6’3 240 pounds. Let’s start right here. When we speak of Savage we’re not talking about a Drew Brees or Russell Wilson who have to overcome height limitations in seeing over the offensive line. We’re not even talking about a Teddy Bridgewater type quarterback who may be perceived as to thin to stand in the pocket and take repeated hits. Savage is above average height, can see down the field, big enough to stay in the pocket and stand strong inside the wall. Tom Savage has zero size limitations and if you’re going to bring up athleticism and running ability let me stop you right there. Not only are a huge majority of the franchise quarterbacks in the last decade not RGIII, Deshaun Watson, Cam Newton types but also there’s an extremely long list of highly productive quarterbacks who can’t scramble like Watson. Being mobile is an extra accessory to being a finely tuned quarterback machine.

Experience: For a quarterback adjusting to the NFL from a college scheme is one of the hardest parts. You’re talking about a whole new playbook, terminology, and formations. Once again Savage cannot use this as an excuse either. He was drafted by Houston in the fourth round in 2014 and has been there ever since. He’s coming up on FOUR years in the system, so he knows the playbook inside and out by this time in his career. In the quarterbacks room he completely understands the offense, the schemes, what they’re trying to accomplish, all the audibles, check downs etc. Another check in the column of what should make him more successful than he currently is.

Help: One of the great excuses we hear for quarterbacks not producing is not having anyone around them. I have 3 words for that if Savage dares to use that logic. 1) Hopkins 2) Miller 3) Fuller

He’s got the size. He’s got the talent around him. He’s got the experience. He’s a career 55 completion percent thrower of the football. With these three variables all working in his favor, I would bet on him to improve drastically before the end of the year, because he clearly has zero excuses not too.


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