Texans vs Cowboys Pre Game

This week Sunday night football will be the battle of Texas as the Houston Texans will take on the Dallas Cowboys.

This is an interesting matchup because it will have two teams that have yet to find a true identity that's consistently successful.

Let's look at the Texans, 1-3. In the period before Deshaun Watson, they were a team built on a strong running game with Arian Foster and a top five defense anchored by J.J Watt. Fast forward to 2018 and Watt is an aged, injury-prone veteran, and Foster is long gone. This team is one stupid play away from being o-3-1 if the Colts didn't hand them a week four victory. Their "superstar" quarterback who took the league by storm last year has struggled with accuracy so far this season and hasn't had much time to make decisions behinds a horrible offensive line. On the other side of the ball, the secondary is atrocious and the combination of Clowney and Watt hasn't worked as successfully as it does on paper. When pro football focus projects your team to have the worst offensive line in football this season and you live up to it, it'll be hard for a team to be successful.

On the other sideline will be the 2-2 Cowboys "America's team." A team that recently had the most domination offensive line in the sport which led to the best rushing attack in the league. Those teams would win by simply keeping your offense off of the field. If we fast forward to 2018 though, due to injuries and other reasons, that offensive line is no longer as dominant. There's also no longer a Tony Romo under center, but rather a more game managing type of Dak Prescott who is notorious for throwing under 200 yards a game. Combine that with an opportunistic at best defense and its hard to win in a LOADED NFC. A last minute field goal propelled them to 2-2 last week in Detroit.

When it comes to this matchup, I don't think home field will prove to be the deciding factor. Although the Cowboys have no receivers that scare you, they do have a mobile quarterback and an elite running back. The Cowboy's have been getting after the quarterback better each week and that could spell trouble. My prediction?

Cowboys 20- Texans 13

James Greene

James Greene

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Maintaining a non-biased approach while discussing your favorite team isn't always easy. I do my best.
James Greene
James Greene

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