Chiefs vs Rams - The Best Game Yet! ( This Year)

This game cannot come soon enough. For once I'm actually looking forward to Monday. This game has a ton of stars on both sides, and with the game being moved to Los Angeles we will get to see all of them. The only drawback to this game is there will be few if any defense by either team. The Chiefs haven't been able to stop anyone all season and the Rams have been getting gashed lately because of injuries and a hot and cold pass rush. This game will have a lot of firework type plays, but who wins out? Will it be McVay's genius play calling? Or will it be Patrick Mahomes making too many long connections?

The Chiefs offensive game plan should be focusing on keeping the pass rush from wrecking the game. Mitchell Schwartz is a very good tackle and he should put up a good fight, it's the injured interior that should be the main concern. This is also very tricky to plan for because the pass rush could be planning to contain rather than attack because Mahomes is oddly more comfortable outside of the pocket rather than inside. They way they accomplish this is lots of misdirection runs, quick screens, and passes to the sidelines to help spread out the defense to get fewer players in the box, then that's when Mahomes will use Hill and Watkins over the top for the big plays. The one wild card is Marcus Peters, will he continue to be hampered by injury or be a force and make the chiefs regret trading him? There is a third option, and that is will he be on the field much at all?

No, the Rams will not bench Marcus Peters. But could their gameplan be to feed Gurley and keep Mahomes on the sideline? He can't beat them if he's not on the field. Already down one receiver in Cooper Kupp the Rams could look to look to outsmart the Chiefs instead of outscoring them. Andrew Whitworth and Co. have been getting a constant push along the line of scrimmage and that'll continue in this game. Let Gurley tire out a weak defense while keeping Mahomes away from the ball. This is Todd Gurley after all, how long can he really go without ripping off a major run?

This is truly " THE GAME. " Will the young and innovative Sean Mcvay or the proven offensive minded Andy Reid come out victorious? Big plays will be made in bunches while both teams look to outscore or outsmart the other. The NFL wanted high profile prime time games, they got it here. Can't wait until Monday.

Nich Wood

Writer NFL Desk at Sports Talk Line
Love football. Bought early stock in Patrick Mahomes.

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