NFL Free Agency

High Risk High Reward Players on the Move

It's been over a month since the last Super Bowl and the calendar is ready to turn toward the 2019 NFL season and all 32 teams are plotting to improve their team and claim the Lombardi trouble. While the most cost-efficient way to build a contender is via the draft, free agency and trades are also ways teams can improve their roster. This, of course, is more costly yet if acquiring the right player that is the missing piece of the championship puzzle many teams will be willing to shell out the big bucks. This offseason there are several players available via trade or free agency that have the potential or track record to improve a team but they have some flaws that will make the acquisition more volatile and could prevent the franchise from moving forward.

Le’Veon Bell

A player holding out is nothing new in the NFL, sitting out an entire season was a new negotiation tactic that Bell used in 2018 and the deal Bell signs in 2019 will determine if other players follow in years to come. While many organizations and teammates could question Bell's will-to-win by sitting out the entire season there are other issues that make signing Bell to a long term deal questionable.  The play of Bell’s understudy James Connor hurts Bell’s ability to negotiate in two specific ways. First, the Steelers have a player who is younger and cheaper than Bell and provides similar production without providing the distraction of sitting out an entire NFL season brings. The second issue Connor’s play bring about was Bell a product of the Steelers system. This is one question that is asked more of running backs as many critics question Emmitt Smith’s greatness to the offensive line playing in front of Smith. While Bell put up gaudy numbers with the Steelers the argument of Bell being a product of a system could cost Bell millions.   

Antonio Brown

Many coming into 2018 were saying Brown was the top wide receiver in the NFL, leaving 2018 Brown can be seen as a player whose talent is not worth the off the field issues that may arise. Brown has been critical of both quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers organization. It appears that Brown will be playing for another team in 2019 just which one needs to be determined. While Brown does have the talent the off the field drama hurts Brown’s value and many teams on the verge of a title will steer clear from the 4-time All-Pro.

Josh Rosen

The fall of 2017 Rosen was at UCLA in contention to be the number one pick of the 2018 NFL draft with crosstown rival Sam Darnold. Fast forward two seasons and now the Arizona Cardinals are rumored to be seeking a deal for Rosen as the Cardinals will take Kyle Murray number 1 overall. The risk with Rosen is not a character trait but what a team will give up for Rosen. A team desperate for a quarterback would have to give up multiple draft picks and maybe even a number one. While a quarterback is a necessity in the NFL choosing the wrong quarterback can set back an organization for five years depending on what assets are exchanged for Rosen.

Tom McAlister

Tom McAlister

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