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Domestic Violence is Never OK

We cannot continue as a society unless we change the culture from the ground up. The time for change is now.

The NFL has an ingrained problem with domestic violence. What is wrong with the current generation of footballers who think this is ok. Let’s be clear, in no way am I tarring the entire league with the same brush, but this is a deep problem that keeps rearing its ugly head.

The news broke this morning that the NFL has suspended Browns RB Kareem Hunt for eight games following his assault on a woman back in 2015. Not two hours later, news filters through that Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill is currently under investigation for battery. It is alleged that Hill has broken the arm of his young son. Hill was also in trouble back in 2015 for assault on the mother of the same child, whilst she was pregnant with twins.

What kind of grub of a human hits a woman who is pregnant with twins?

This whole situation is disgusting.

Whether you are raised by a loving family, a single mum or your grandparents, we all know that raising a hand to a woman or a defenseless child is one of the most deplorable things you can do as a man.

If you were hit as a child, you may understand. Surely you don’t want to put your children through the same thing you went through. The time for change is now.

The NFL took a stand against Ezekiel Elliott in 2016 and suspended him for six games. There wasn’t a lot of evidence to the case, but the matter was dealt with, Zeke paid his dues to society and has moved on a man and a player. The evidence against Hunt was shocking and the footage was incredibly hard to watch.

The eight-game suspension will never appease everyone, but as a human, Hunt is entitled to a second chance in life. He will serve his time, do his community service and try and get back to a normal life again.

The NFL has policies for all sorts of misdemeanors and incidents they come across. Policies and procedures must follow in all these cases. But the league needs to look harder at banning players for life who are found guilty. This is the only way to eradicate the problem from the game.

I’m not saying the first time you are gone for life, but definitely second time.

Young kids and men alike look up to players like Zeke, Hunt, and Hill. If they see or hear their favorite players are doing this kind of thing, what is stopping them from doing the same?

Sure, the NFL might lose some good players for taking a stance, but you cannot continue in this light without doing something about it.

Enough is enough.

The National Rugby League in Australia is going through a similar thing at the moment. Videos are being leaked of sex acts between players and no consenting women. Violence against women and assault cases that would bring shame on your family name are also on the rise.

The league Chairman’s policies have now changed. If you are charged by the law, you are stood down with full pay until your court case. If you are found guilty you are banned for life. For life. You want to go play in another country, that’s fine, but you will never play in Australia again.

This is the stance the NFL needs to take.

Imagine all the college kids who missed out on being drafted and are now working as a used car salesman, who could fill the void left by these suspended players.

The players who just loved playing the game, who never raised a hand to anyone. Just trying to work to feed their families and they have to sit and watch news of Tyreek Hill being suspended for breaking a kid arm.

These are the players who deserve a shot at fame and glory, not guys who bash women and children.

As you can probably tell, this topic gets me all riled up.

As a young male, it is up to us to change the culture and bring in a better future for the women in our lives. I have a daughter and it sickens me to think she has to grow up in a world where this behavior results in a slap on the wrist.

You can’t change to the future without changing the culture.



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