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I Got Five On It: Cowboys Contract Priorities

The Cowboys have some really good players who really want to get paid. The team currently has 19.4 million in cap space, but some tough decisions are coming before the team can make that run to the Super Bowl.

Let's break them down one by one and take a closer look. There is a lot to see.

#1 Amari Cooper

This should be the Cowboys top priority because his signing would actually create more cap room and the team has already invested a first round pick to acquire him. His arrival changed not only the passing game but the offense as a whole, as Dallas made that playoff run.

Cooper is still only 24 years old and his best football is in front of him. In only 9 games, he racked up 725 yards and 6 TD's. An extension is coming one way or another.

#2 Jaylon Smith

This is the one nobody is talking about. Smith was healthy last season and was an absolute beast on the field. He finished with 121 tackles and four sacks, earning pro football focus' 6th highest linebacker grade.

If that knee is still getting better the whole league better watch out. A Smith extension would give the Boys the best linebacker pair in the league and VanJaylon a household nickname.

#3 Dak Prescott

The Russell Wilson contract changed the quarterback market and really put the Cowboys in a tough spot. He is not Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers, but he is a winner. Last time I checked that is all that matters in the NFL.

It's going to cost 30 million a year or more, but what else could the team do? A franchise tag is always an option but Jerry seems to want to get this one done.

#4 Byron Jones

Jones balled out last year after moving over from safety to corner. He's not a ball hawk (he had zero INT's) but he is a solid cover corner and plays tough against the run too. Secondary coach Kris Richard likes his corners big and physical and Jones fits the mold.

#5 Ezekiel Elliott

This one should be on the back burner. Zeke could play out this season, then the team could always use the fifth-year option in 2020. The franchise tag could then be used in 2021.

Elliot could play hardball like Le'Veon Bell, but running backs are a dime a dozen. With backs like Nick Chubb, Joe Mixon, and Alvin Kamara getting drafted after the first round, the Boys could use up Zeke then ship him off for draft picks and take a young guy to fill in.

The Five

The recent contracts of Odell Beckham (90 million), C.J. Mosley (85 million), Russell Wilson (145 million), Xavien Howard (76 million), and Todd Gurley (57 million) are going to make Jerry open up that checkbook. If he signs all five of these players to extensions, the word dynasty would come into play.

Now you know Broe @broeham

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