Best NFL Defensive Triplets - Rare Is The Word

Saw a post on the NFL Network today that had (what I thought was) a great premise. The author, Bucky Brooks, wanted to rank NFL defensive triplets. He came up with a list of five and an honorable mentions section. What's not to like? Since I mentioned it, how about actually coming up with a solid group of teams that have 3 guys that are worth mentioning?

Brooks started off fine with the San Diego Chargers DE's Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram, and Safety Derwin James. Three total studs.

Next up Brooks hits another home run with the Dallas Cowboys DE DeMarcus Lawrence and LB"s Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch. Again, three absolute monsters on game day. Brooks is on fire.

Next up is the Bears DL Akiem HIcks, LB Khalil Mack, and Safety Eddie Jackson. A bit of a drop off here. Mack, of course, is the blue-chip talent who changes games. The other two are VERY talented guys who are in ascension but the drop off in talent from the first two groups is there. I don't feel like they are in the same class as the first two. Very, very good. But not epic. Mack is, not the troika.

In the fourth spot is where I have to finally stomp on the brakes. Brooks is trying to sell us the LA Rams troika of Aaron Donald, Dante Fowler Jr. and "either" CB Marcus Peters or Safety Eric Weddle. Say what? When did four become three?

Weddle, Peters and Fowler Jr. are talented players to be certain. However, I am reminded of the corporate speaker who always opened with the joke "Which two NBA players scored 102 points in ONE game? Wilt Chamberlin and ME! I got 2 and Wilt got 100."

"Which two NBA players scored 102 points in ONE game? Wilt Chamberlin and ME! I got 2 and Wilt got 100." - Unknown

Like Mack, you can put almost any two guys with Aaron Donald and it looks great. But not Epic. The LA Rams lost membership in this group when Suh took his game out of town. Talented players to be certain, but to put them in the same group as the first two is akin to selling NFL swampland.

Brooks had a fifth group but I didn't even read it. Why bother. He should have stopped at three. Disappointing, however, we did find out that there are not many teams with three "true" defensive studs on their roster. For that nugget of information Mr. Brooks, I salute you.

Did Brooks miss a team? Do you agree with the LA Rams assessment? Comment below!

What say you Sports Nation?

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