Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott Doesn’t Deserve A Contract Extension

We apologize for missing Tuesday’s With Jerry the other day, we usually love to have a little fun at Jerry Jones’ expense. In defense though, he seems pretty good with the idea that people do it.

The interview with 105.3 The Fan was relatively the same old, same old, but there was a big bomb dropped that should frighten every Cowboys fan. It’s also the only real reason to write about the interview. Here’s what Jones had to say about Dak Prescott:

“Dak is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, he’s young and he’s going to get extended.” – Jerry Jones

It didn’t take long for the incredulity of the public to react, I was no different.

Let’s begin with the easiest question, why? Why would anyone make this statement when a player has a year and a half left on his contract? Name one team or General Manager who would be making a sweeping declaration now? It is especially surprising after such a poor performance the night before. Would the Patriots do this? Or the Steelers, or the Eagles?

Next, it’s difficult to understand taking this hardline stance on a player that has regressed over the course of his last 16 games (a full season, over two years). Jones loves to stay he knows Prescott can be successful because he’s seen it before, but that’s fools gold. Dak is struggling and there’s no debating that fact. Why would you sink over a $100 million contract (a conservative estimate) to a player who hasn’t been worth it for your team?

What has Prescott done after his rookie season to deserve to be paid like a franchise quarterback? The conditions around him haven’t been perfect recently and he needs better coaches to help him out. If that’s what he needs to be successful, Dak isn’t a franchise QB. If Jones believes in the first 24 games, why doesn’t he trust in the last 16? That many games isn’t a fluke, it’s a trend.

It also feels like Jones is betraying who he is to back Prescott. Jones is a gambler, a man who loves to take chances. However, it appears as though he’s scared to find a franchise quarterback. He’s seen first-hand how hard it is to find a quarterback and perhaps he doesn’t want to go through that process again. Maybe Jones sees this is his last shot and he doesn’t want to put the work in to find another quarterback to develop.

That is playing scared and rarely do we see Jones do that. Playing it safe with the devil you know in Prescott isn’t a gamble, it’s the comfortable choice.

Jerry insists that he is still the ultimate decision maker with the Cowboys, well this is something that doesn’t need to be decided just yet. Hopefully, other members of the organization help him with any decisions regarding shelling out a new deal to Dak.

Another issue with Jones’ declaration is it takes away all of Prescott’s incentive to work harder to get better. Even though Prescott is a hard worker, by most accounts, why would he put in the extra time if he knows he’s going to get rewarded no matter what? It’s not all about money, but by publically backing his quarterback, Jones has made life extremely comfortable for Prescott. Where’s is his incentive to become great?

There is no reason to talk about giving Dak Prescott a contract extension right now. The team has another 24 games to figure it out, maybe even with a new coaching staff next year. Any talk to the contrary is just utter nonsense at this point.

Par for the course with Jerry Jones.

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