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Hard Work Being a Cowboys Fan

Its hard work being a Cowboys fan. No one likes us.

It is hard work being a Cowboys fan. No one likes you on game day.

In fact, no one likes you regardless of the day and we are ok with that.

On Saturday we wiped the floor with one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL, the Seahawks. Did we get the credit for such a quality win? No.

We took down the number one rushing offense in the league, do we get credit for that? No.

We have the youngest offense in the playoffs. We gave up only ONE sack. Zeke ran for over 100 yards. We continued to stop them on third down. We dominated Chris Carson all night.

Did you get the credit for any of these things? No.

Instead, all the talk surrounding this game was, why did the Seahawks continue to stick with the run game?

The answer is, they had nothing else to go to. We dominated them all over the park, all game. FACT.

The only bad news for the Cowboys was the horrific injury to wide receiver Allen Hurns, who snapped his ankle. The good news is he has had surgery and is on the mend. We should see him back in a Cowboys jersey next season.

Russell Wilson and co. had no answer for anything the Cowboys threw at them. The Cowboys tackled as their lives depended on it and it showed. The Seahawks hit the big plays but couldn’t match the Cowboys in the grind.

But there is no point beating an old drum. We won, and we move on. The Seahawks are now on their annual fishing trip. Hopefully, they catch fish better than they play football.

We now turn our attention to the Divisional Round.

Let’s be honest, no one is looking at the Cowboys this week and that’s how we like it. No one gave us a chance to beat the Seahawks, they certainly don’t give us any hope of beating the Rams in Los Angeles.

We are the biggest underdog of the weekend and are facing a team who finished the season 13-3.

As far as challenges go, they don’t come much bigger than this. What Sean McVay has done with this team is incredible. But they are not unbeatable.



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