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Cowboys Fans Should Be Proud of 2018

We have so much to be happy for in 2018. Don't let a loss get you down.

Yesterday was not a great day for Cowboys fans around the world. We were soundly beaten by a much better team in the LA Rams. You are going to read plenty of articles over the next few days as to why it went so horribly wrong for us. I’m not here to talk about any of that.

Let’s focus on the good things from the 2018 season

We started the season at 3-5. Honestly, I would have been content if we finished 8-8. To turn it around, win our final 7/8 and finish 10-6 with an NFC East title, is pretty special.

There is so much for us to be proud of. Despite what some people think, Dak Prescott has grown into a talented quarterback. We don’t need to go to the draft or free agency to look for someone to sling the ball, we have him. He is growing into a solid player right in front of our eyes and we should be all-in on our QB.

I wrote an article earlier in the season calling the Amari Cooper trade, “The biggest hoodwink of the season”. I am always happy to admit when I’m wrong. This trade has helped to open up the Cowboys offensive options and we have seen a new side of Dak we didn’t know he had.

Since the retirement of Jason Witten, the Cowboys have struggled at tight end. Some guys can block, some guys can catch, but no one is the complete package. Then Blake Jarwin steps up with the performance he had in week 17 against the Giants. Games like that are career changing. Sure, he needs to continue to grow and will never be in the same light as Witten, but he has potential.

Bringing Kris Richard in to call plays on defense alongside Rob Marinelli, might be the smartest thing I have seen from Jerry Jones in years. His nurturing of Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith has made them the baddest men on the football field.

We need to do whatever it takes to keep Richard

When we drafted Leighton Vander Esch, I nearly broke my TV. I thought wow, this is a bust and a half. Not only has he been voted to the second-team all pro last week he is also in line to be defensive rookie of the year. Again, I’m sorry Leighton.

It was Richard who was instrumental in Byron Jones moving to cornerback. Which earned him a Pro Bowl call up for the first time, in a position he is still learning.

We have all loved seeing Sean Lee on the field for the last nine years. We have also sat through many games with Lee injured on the sidelines. There is talk he may retire during the offseason. He will always have a home with the Cowboys as coaching staff or when he is added to the “Ring of Honour”. Whatever you decided to do Sean, thank you from all of us.

Cole Beasley has proven himself to be a quality WR2. He is nimble and fast and often finds himself in space. He too has a long future in a Cowboys jersey.

Like I said earlier, we are not here to talk about the bad. Let’s focus on what we did right. We have free agency, the Draft and seven months to contemplate how far we can go in 2019.

Thank you from all of us.

How bout dem Cowboys!!!



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