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Should the Cowboys Spend Big in Free Agency?

While the Cowboys didn’t win the Super Bowl, they did win the division and won a playoff game. This is one of the youngest teams in the league, without one projected starter (Sean Lee) over the age of 30. Dallas has a ton of salary cap room and the team might want to spend big to try to win now.

There is talk of locking up Dak and Zeke to long term deals, but the team shouldn’t be in a hurry to do either as both are under contract for next season. Dak could use another “prove it” year and there is always the option of the franchise tag in 2020. Dallas could also use the fifth-year option on Zeke so both could play for two more seasons without extensions.

While other teams eat up their cap space paying quarterbacks like Kirk Cousins and Derek Carr 25 million a year, Dallas has one season left on Daks rookie deal. The window closes fast in the NFL and we just saw a young Rams team make a Super Bowl run after adding talent across the board.

The first big spending should be spent on Demarcus Lawrence, Byron Jones, and Cole Beasley. Tank and Jones both made the Pro Bowl, and replacing a veteran like Beasley in the slot might be harder than expected. With these three back in the fold, the team really has no glaring holes (other than tight end) and can add players to take the team to the next level.

While some of the big time free agents like Jadeveon Clowney and Dee Ford may never hit the open market, players like Gerald McCoy or Earl Thomas could make a good Cowboys defense elite. If the team ends up close to the estimated 60 million in cap room they have been projected to have, the numbers are there for a huge free agent haul.

If you add up cap hits of 15 for Tank, 9 for Jones, and 6 for Beasley, that leaves about 30 million dollars in cap room, depending on how they spread the money out. I’m not a cap-oligist, but if Earl Thomas is going to cost me 10 million and I have roughly 30 million, that’s a no brainer. Older veterans like Ndamukong Suh and Justin Houston might come at a little bit of a discount because of their age, which would be huge for this defense.

The offense should be better next year for a number of reasons. Dak and Cooper will get in a full offseason of work together, and rookies Conner Williams and Michael Gallup should be taking a step forward in year two. The team expects to get back all-world center Travis Frederick so the offense looks set for 2019. Dallas should hit free agency hard on the defensive side of the ball and the players are there for the taking.

The Cowboys got the ball ran down their throat in the playoff loss to the Rams, and a couple of additions could make the defense elite. Dallas has two budding stars at linebacker and a force at defensive tackle could make VanJaylon even better.

30 million is a number starting quarterbacks are eyeballing. So what do want Cowboys fans? Pay Dak 30 million dollars a year too early? Or surround him with more talent and make him prove it while making a deeper run in the playoffs and possibly a Super Bowl. I think he should prove it, and if he does, finding a way to pay him a mega-contract would be a good problem to have.

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