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Cowboys Nation Needs To Prepare For Dak Prescott’s Mega Extension

There is nothing like playing quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, it’s one of the premier positions in all of sports. It also comes with massive amounts of praise and criticism, which means Dak Prescott is in a special position.

When you’re good, everyone knows it. When you’re bad, well, everyone knows that too. Thankfully for the Cowboys, Prescott is a special person and player.

This is important as we lead up to the 2019 off-season for the Cowboys. One of the team’s goals will be extending Prescott to a deal that will keep him in Dallas for a long time. Jerry Jones eluded to it during the season, as well as after the year ended, and Stephen Jones has mentioned it too.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Prescott is getting a new deal with the Cowboys. And it’s going to be a huge contract.

Debate the merits of it all the live long day (social media certainly has), but just know Prescott is going to get a mega-deal before the 2019 season starts. Prescott deserves a new contract and the team is happy to oblige.

Those against extending Prescott cite a rough stretch to end 2017 and the first eight starts of 2018 to show that he can’t carry a franchise on his back. They’ll mention Prescott isn’t an elite quarterback and doesn’t deserve to be paid like one. He misses too many throws or doesn’t see the open receivers.

However, in his short time in the league, Prescott has led the Cowboys to two NFC East titles and has the second most wins in the league after some guy named Tom Brady. Prescott also has the most comeback wins on the league at 14. He has to show more consistency and get the team further than the divisional round of the playoff, but Prescott is still learning and getting better.

Prescott might not have the gaudy statistics that some fans want to justify a huge contract, but he plays his best in the biggest moments of the game. We’ve seen it time and time again, Prescott is a gamer. When the Cowboys surround him in the right environment, Prescott thrives.

By today’s standards, Prescott’s number aren’t as impressive as someone like Pat Mahomes, but Dak does the things within the Cowboys’ offense that helps them win games. There is still work to be done with him, but Prescott has shown the willingness to work on improving.

Prescott is also a role model off the field for the Cowboys, something that’s important these days.

This is the cost of doing business these days, if you have a quarterback who wins games, he is going to get paid. Jerry has no more time to search for a quarterback and Prescott has shown he can be successful in this league.

If you remember the dumpster fire the Cowboys went through at quarterback before Tony Romo arrived, you’d understand why they will re-up with Prescott. No one wants to go back to those days and there’s no reason to continue searching when you have your quarterback already.

Everyone needs to realize that Dak Prescott is going to get a new contract this off-season, and the amount is going to blow some people’s minds in Cowboys Nation. It will likely break the internet, Twitter will explode with mentions.

Prepare yourself now so you’re not surprised later.

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