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Dallas Cowboys' Schedule Has Tough End To Season

The schedule for the Dallas Cowboys was released yesterday and there will be some challenges in the 2019 season for the team. It was expected to be a little tougher of a slate this year because the team won the division and on paper that means more resistance along the way.

No one should be too surprised, we all knew the opponents as soon as last season ended. The formula is set by the league and the Cowboys knew they would have to face the top teams from the other divisions in the NFC. However, no one would guess the Cowboys wouldn't have back-to-back homes games during the season. That could be a first for the team in this modern age of football. It means the Cowboys won't be able to get too comfortable being home and it will feel like they are constantly on the move throughout the season.

It's also a difficult finish to the year. Three of the final four games will be against playoff teams and starting in week 12, the Cowboys will be traveling off a short week to play on Thanksgiving. Usually the NFL gives Dallas a home game before their annual Thanksgiving game, but got no such luck from the league this season. Ironically, it comes in the same year the Eagles complained to the league that the Cowboys had an unfair advantage playing consecutive home games around Turkey Day every year.

Meanwhile, the Eagles get a cake ending to their season and has three straight home games during the year, if you're interested in that type of thing.

The good news is, the early part of the schedule doesn't seems as daunting. The Cowboys should get off to a quick start, playing only one playoff team in the first six weeks of the season, a Sunday night contest against the Saints.

Overall, the schedule doesn't seem to test the Cowboys until they get into November. It's a first-place schedule for a first-place team, so there is little to complain about. If the Cowboys are as good as they should be, it should result in a playoff run.

The schedule release has long been overrated because things in the NFL shift so much. Injuries play a big role and the turnover of playoff teams each year make the league very unpredictable. A team that was good last year, might not be good the next, thus making the schedule difficulty in April vastly different than it looks in November. All it means is that even if the Cowboys' schedule looks tough right now, it could look much easier once the season is in full-swing.

In the end, you play who's on your schedule and if you're good enough, you'll make it to the postseason. Hopefully the Cowboys will be good enough, rendering the opponents meaningless.

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