Pat Shurmur

Where's the Giants Pass Rush?

Dear Coach Shurmur, you truly ought to be congratulated. You've made some bold moves and they have worked out. Replacing Flowers on the offensive line with Chad Chambers was a risky move, but it paid off. The offensive line came together.

Last week you brought defensive lineman Kerry Wynn to the starting spot. That was a stroke of insightful genius. Wynn was magnificent in Sunday's week 3 match up against the Texans. His stats were exceptional: five tackles, one tackle for a loss, a pass defended and a nice quarterback hit; and he caused a third-quarter fumble, knocking the ball out of Lamar Miller's hands for a New York Giants recovery in their own territory.

But where is the pass rush?

So far, Kerry Wynn, Lorenzo Carter, B.J. Goodson, B.J. Hill, and Mario Edwards Jr. have combined for a total of 4 sacks on the year. That's 4 sacks in 3 games. Not quite bragging rites.

So what do the New York Giants need to do to up their pass-rush game? I'm asking you, Coach Shurmur, because you have certainly come up with the right solutions thus far. You and your coaching staff are mixing it up; the good of the team is clearly placed before any personal loyalty. And that can be a hard sell to some of the young, hard-working players on your roster. But it says a lot that you can replace a starter with a second or third string player who comes up big. It also has shown the fans, and probably the team as a whole, that anyone can be the star, and anyone can be replaced if they're not pulling their weight.

I applaud the culture that you are building in this New York Giants team, Coach. And so, while the pass rush needs some fine tuning, I think I speak for the rest of the fanbase when I say that I am confident you will find the recipe with the roster you have to make that pass rush soar and sting. The Saints are in the house this Sunday. Let's show them that we don't pray to their gamebook.

This Sunday, it's New York Giants' time.

Go get 'em, Coach. We know you've got the answers.


Your fans.

Stephen Tesher

Stephen Tesher

ProFootball Free Lance Writer at
Writer/Editor, Educator. I write books and scripts; I blog at But my best job is 'Dad'. Let's go! 'Cause ya never know...
Stephen Tesher

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