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How Giants Could be Impacted by Foles Trade

Eli Manning is a two-time Super Bowl MVP and if not for Eli’s heroics the evil empire ran by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick would most likely have 8 Super Bowl titles and a perfect 19-0 season to boot. Yet, Eli is getting older and the Giants have not won a playoff game since winning Super Bowl 46 causes many to wonder who will be Manning’s replacement. This question has been asked for the last few seasons and when given a chance to draft a potential new quarterback in the 2018 NFL draft with the number 2 pick overall Big Blue chose running back Saquon Barkley. Barkley has had a stellar debut season in the NFL yet depending on how Sam Darnold’s career develops Barkley’s pick could be seen as a missed opportunity.

With no clear cut heir to the throne for succession from Eli Manning and a weak quarterback draft class in 2019 one option for the G-Men would be to sign a free agent quarterback in 2019. Having a top wide receiver in Odell Beckham Jr, a potential franchize back in Barkley, plus a big media market for endorsements the Giants could be an ideal landing spot for a free-agent quarterback.

One potential free agent quarterback would have been Nick Foles, who just like Eli did what very few have done, beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. While being 30 years old it would be unlikely that Foles would play into his 40s but Foles could come into an organization and provide stability at the quarterback position that could allow Big Blue to make another run at a Super Bowl.

The Philadelphia Eagles are being reported to give Foles the franchise tag and then trade Foles for a 3rd round pick. This is one scenario where given 20 million dollars has a downside. The first downside is Foles could ink a contract that has more guaranteed money that the 20 million dollars compensation offered by the Eagles. Second, the Eagles will decide where Foles will go and there is a rare chance that the Eagles will trade Foles to a team that is in the NFC East, sorry Washington.

While Foles could ease the transition from Eli Manning, this now leaves really only one proven option on the free agent market in Teddy Bridgewater who is younger than Foles at age 26 yet does not have as proven a track record in the NFL as Foles.  With fewer options in free agency that increase the chances, David Gettleman will take a risk with the 6th pick such as quarterback Dwayne Haskins who is the number one quarterback in the draft class but is not a highly valued prospect as several quarterbacks from the class of 2018 or potential quarterbacks in the class of 2020.

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