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Are Giants Going Into Rebuild Mode?

The Giants Way is the terminology used for how the G-Men won four Super Bowl titles since 1986 with three different quarterbacks. With the Giants Way, there are players that are stellar athletes who carry themselves professionally on and off the field, even though there have been a few dust-ups over the years. One player who exemplifies this motto is Landon Collins and the reports that Collins could leave Big Blue is devastating and sending a message on the true intentions to the Giants fan base.

Coming in last year as General Manager David Gettleman appeared to be in win now as the G-Men drafted Saquon Barkley at running back instead of quarterback Sam Darnold from USC. With an aging Eli Manning Gettleman drafted a complimentary piece for Eli instead of draftings Eli’s replacement. While Barkley could develop into a Hall of Famer, Darnold could be the savior that Jet fans have been yearning for decades to lead Gang Green to the promise land.

While the offseason plan heading into 2018 was to go all in and try to another Super Bowl the Giants 1-7 start knocked Big Blue out of contention and then the trade of Damon “ Snacks” Harrison and Eli Apple for draft picks was the equivalent of waving the white flag for 2018. And the 2019 season the Giants roster still needs to be improved in many levels while also needing to find the future quarterback to replace the incumbent Eli Manning.

Now with the Giants either not resigning or trading Landon Collins who was a locker room leader in a downtime for the G-Men illustrates that the team will want new blood and go in a totally different direction than the projected path 12 months ago. Also, with the potential trade of Collins one will have to ask who else could be traded? Olivier Vernon could be an option and even Odell Beckham Jr could be dealt. While these moves could be painful, so were the 2017 and 2018 seasons and hopefully, if there is a rebuild it is done quickly and effectively to allow for stabilizing the Giants organization.

Tom McAlister

Tom McAlister

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I have an extreme passion for sports as I have participated as a player, coach, and referee of many different sports. I have started to illustrate my love of athletics by becoming a sports writer. I founded my own blog dfends.com and I am a SportsTalkLine.com Free Lance writer covering the New York Giants.
Tom McAlister

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