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Eagles Week One Preview

The NFL season is finally here! I am extremely excited to say ” The road to the repeat starts now!” The Eagles this year will be facing every teams best each and every week. The Eagles now have a target on their back and the first team taking aim is the Atlanta Falcons.

This game has the ability to become a shootout but let’s not forget the low scoring affair that occurred in the playoffs. I believe that this game will be a little more low scoring like the playoff game and will involve a heavy dose of running from both sides. All through the preseason we barely saw Nick Foles run the RPO (run pass option) however I see a plethora of those plays to begin on offense. This will allow for Nick to get comfortable and allow for the Eagles to use their talented backfield.

I believe when it comes to the run game we should keep an eye on Jay Ayaji. He is suffering with a foot injury however this Falcons defense is fast and undersized which makes them  great from sideline to sideline. However, this leaves them weak up the middle where Ayaji can shine. Of course, the club will sprinkle in all of the backs but Ayaji should handle the bulk of the carries in this game to allow control of the clock and keep Julio and friends off the field.

When Foles does throw the ball expect a heavy dose of Zach Ertz. Their connection is undeniable and Nick looked more comfortable throwing in the middle of the field during the preseason. I do expect not one but TWO plays over 40+ yard. One of those plays will come from Mike Wallace, the other Darren Sproles. This will allow the crowd to erupt and help motivate the Eagles to keep pushing down the field.

On the other side of the ball, the Eagles face an incredible offense with the ability to throw up a ton of points each game. With that being said, this is the most important battle of the game. Whichever side wins this battle between the Eagles defense and the Falcons offense will win this game. I believe it will come down to a major play by Jenkins and the secondary to help tilt the scales in the Eagles favor.

Finally, let’s not forget special teams. Jake Elliot vs Matt Bryant can become the theme of tonight. Both of these defense squads have the ability to stop an offensive drive which means we may see the kickers early and often. Tie that in with the heat wave Philadelphia is facing right now and we can see some long kicks being taken in this game. I give the edge to Elliot as he plays in this weather and Bryant plays in a dome.

This game will come down to the fact of which Nick Foles do we see tonight? Do we get the Super Bowl MVP or preseason Nick? Depending on which player steps on the field will determine the said outcome.

From deep in the HEART of Philadelphia, we are swooping down on every bit of Eagles news. Stay Tuned and #FlyEaglesFly


Joe Pepe

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