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State of Emergency? Lions vs Packers

What is the current state of the Detroit Lions? I would like to think that they are a competent offensive coordinator away from being where they need to be. But what if it's more than that? This could be the most important off-season for Detroit in recent memory. Now I know that sounds dramatic but I truly believe that. The Lions have more than enough money to sign some key free agents and are almost a lock for a top-five draft pick this year. If general manager Bob Quinn spends some money in free agency and hits on most of his draft picks, which I believe he will, then the Lions should be just fine. However, if the opposite happens and the Lions have a similar season as they did this year, then you could see the end of an era in Detroit.

To me, the biggest priority has to be finding an innovative offense coordinator so this team can fully utilize their weapons. Matthew Stafford is too talented to not be throwing the ball down the field. The second biggest need is subjective but the Lions need an edge rusher to replace Ziggy Ansah who is likely to leave this off-season. They also need secondary help and a slot receiver to replace the Golden Tate role. A lot of these things can be addressed through the draft and free agency. They key is getting players to buy into a culture change. If the players don't buy in the talent won't matter.

There have been a lot of rumors circulating about Matthew Stafford’s future with the Detroit Lions. One NFL executive said he expects Stafford to be on the move this off-season. I personally don't think Stafford is the issue. And I don't think trading him is warranted. Give him an offensive coordinator that can evolve with the times. Every day I see more tweets and posts saying the Lions should trade Stafford. To me, it just doesn't make sense to go into a full rebuild right now. I firmly believe this team has some key pieces to build around. But a lot of fans and other media members believe it's time to scrap everything and start fresh. Like I said before, this off-season should be an interesting one.

For those still interested, the Lions do play football on Sunday. They will be taking on a division rival, the Green Bay Packers. The only thing at stake for both teams is a higher draft pick. As a fan, I would rather see the Lions win and keep the win streak going against Green Bay. The Lions beat the Packers earlier in the season at Ford Field. However, this time they are traveling to Lambeau Field which is not an easy place to steal a win. But what Lions fan doesn't like beating Green Bay?

Mike's fun fact of the day: The Lions are going for their third straight win against the Packers!

Until next time, One Pride

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