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Allen Lazard uses his size and physicality to win at the catch point. A former defensive back, Allen Lazard has a good feel for how to high point the football and aggressively take the rock away from opposing defensive backs. Lazard has extremely strong hands and wasn’t known for dropping many footballs at Iowa State. When you match his strong hands with his ability to go up and get the football, you see why teams will be extremely intrigued by his traits. For his size, Allen also does a very good job of adjusting to the ball while running routes and in the air. Lazard will get drafted due to his ability to be a threat early in his career as a red-zone target. I also think if a wide receiver doesn’t work out for him, he could make an easy transition to tight end and be extremely effective. Lazard showed down at the Senior Bowl that he’s one of the better prospects in this draft class when it comes to high pointing the football and making plays in the red-zone.


Allen Lazard’s speed and athleticism are not his best traits. It was noticeable on tape and in Mobile, that Lazard wasn’t very quick and struggled to separate from quicker defensive backs. His lack of straight-line speed and short area quickness also relates to him not being a very crisp route runner. You notice that most of the plays Lazard makes are in the red-zone, on vertical routes, or the occasional slant/post. I’d also like to see Lazard be a bit more physical in the blocking game and use his size to push smaller defenders around.


Pro Comparison:

Devin Funchess

Overall Review:

Allen Lazard isn’t a guy who will win with great speed or elite route running, but he can be an effective player on the outside or playing as a bigger slot guy. He has a fearless mentality in the red-zone and when making plays across the middle. His hands are some of the strongest in this draft class, and his ability to high point the football makes him a guy that a team will draft in the mid-to-late rounds and scheme some things for on offense. Lazard has a football background and is an extremely intelligent guy on the field. I thought after a slow start at the Senior Bowl, he finished strong and definitely helped his draft stock by the end of the week.

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