Make No Mistake: The NFL Does Not Care About Domestic Violence

The release of Kareem Hunt’s domestic violence incident, as well as his subsequent release by the Chiefs, has made one thing abundantly clear: the NFL does not care about domestic violence amongst its players.

Don’t be fooled by the lip service and fake empathy. The NFL could care less if a player abuses a woman as long as it is going to stay under wraps or is not going to affect their image (and thus their bottom line). This has been well documented in the past. Hunt’s incident is just the latest example of a league that truly has no real moral values.

At best, the NFL’s investigation into the Hunt incident was poor and lazy. At worst, it completely ignored what happened in the hopes that it would all be slid under the rug. When the alleged violence happened in February, the NFL did proceed with an investigation. This consisted of taking the interview that the Chiefs themselves had with Hunt at face value instead of performing their own independent interview. They automatically took stock in the interview performed by a team who would want said player to remain on the team, and of said player who would want to remain on the field. The whole situation is oozing with bias. The investigation also consisted of a passing attempt to find video evidence of the incident.

The NFL claims that the Cleveland police and the hotel where the incident occurred refused to provide them with the video evidence. Let’s just give the NFL the benefit of doubt and believe that to be true. To stop there is either moronically ignorant or purposefully trying to keep everything hidden. This is the 21st century. Everything is recorded all the time. Everyone always has their phones out, especially in tense situations like the one that occurred. The NFL could have made a much stronger attempt to retrieve the video from either the victim or the witnesses.

The NFL either did not want to put in the effort to see this investigation through or is so inept that it does not have the right procedures or the right personnel to see that it is done correctly. But is that really a surprise to anyone? This is the same league who:

  • Lied about having received the Ray Rice video
  •  Lied about Ray Rice by claiming that he lied to them in their interview of him about the incident (he didn’t).
  •  Suspended Rice only two games until TMZ released the video evidence of the elevator incident, then falsely claimed they were never provided the video.
  •  Partially justified their pathetic original attempt at discipline by claiming that Rice’s account didn’t sound bad originally because he made it sound like he used an open hand rather than a fist.
  •  Allowed Reuben Foster to stay in the league after multiple arrests for domestic violence.
  •  Only imposed a one-game suspension for Giants kicker Josh Brown when his history of abuse was revealed. Despite having just imposed a mandatory minimum six-game suspension and having years of knowledge of Brown’s abuse, still only handed Brown a single game suspension.
  •  Suspended Greg Hardy ten games for domestic violence, but then did not make any attempt to fight the arbiter after the suspension was reduced to four games (Roger Goodell didn’t even make the time to attend Hardy’s original appeal hearing).

Let’s face it. The NFL doesn’t care about domestic violence any more now than it ever has. Its investigations are a total sham and PR stunt to try and protect the owner’s pockets during the Me Too era. The worst part about all of it is that the NFL pretends to care and tries to paint itself as morally sound. At this point, it would probably be better for the league to go full heel and just admit that it doesn’t care because they spend most of the time falling on their face in their pathetic attempts to cover up their own utter lack of care provided for domestic violence and other moral and ethical issues.

Roger Goodell stands out because of his vomit-worthy attempts to take the moral high ground despite years of lying and covering up the league’s complete disregard for domestic violence. It’s not just the fact that he doesn’t care about these issues. In the end, you run a business and your first priority is almost always to increase profits. But if that’s the case, then you should not even attempt to take moral stands because of how phony it is going to come across.

The NFL and its’ owners care solely about the bottom line and nothing else. The PR blitzes they go on are only to placate fans. Nothing is going to make them pay actual attention unless we force them too. If we continue to allow the league to get away with it, are we really any better?


Brian Cole

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Expert on all things Deflategate, and New England Patriots Free Lance Writer for

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